It’s Official: Cristiano Ronaldo is Real Madrid-Bound

Posted: June 11, 2009 in Soccer/Football, Sports
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It’s been a two-year saga, but we all know what will happen in the end. Former Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo, who is now officially? CR9 has finally made his dreams come true. He is now a certified Galactico. See, i told you, he is the worst liar in the world… Dead dreams my foot, tell it to your Mama Dolores who probably is in seventh heaven right now with this £80 million-news.  I wonder what kind of convincing CR9 has made to Sir Alex to finally accept the bid and up it to £80 million? Must be one hell of a conversation between them. Maybe Sir Alex is finally glad to see him go, what with all the tantrums and big ego’s attitude, i just want to know if there has been some boot-throwing somewhere in their past too? Anyways, what will happen to Manchester United now? I know some of you ManU fans will be glad to see CR9 go and you would insist that CR9 is not Man U or vice versa but with Tevez declining the offer made by Sir Alex and seeing that the team has a lot of grandaddy players, Wayne Rooney (I hate Wayne Rooney) must be carrying all the burden. Berbatov is practically non existent and Kiko Macheda should be trained ASAP to fill CR9 shoe and what a big shoe it is…

And where is CR9 amidst all this? Well, our dear party boy is scouring LA hot spots with his friends basking in the afterglow of being a £200,000 a week player. Party on…

SPL105263_004I’m Really happy, from the bottom of my heart.

photo credit: Dailymail

  1. bobbygee says:

    Man U will be fine. Check out my blog Bobby Gee
    Tevez will sign. Real Madrid tied this before and it was horrible.

  2. AB says:

    you hate rooney? and here i thought we could be friends

    • imadivaprincess says:

      well because he hasn’t been playing that well lately… i love him with his kick-ass ‘tude. And i did say he will be carrying all the burden when Ronaldo leave. He’s the only one left who will carry the ManU flag…

  3. chrisutd07 says:

    well i think with ronaldo gone, rooney will be able to play in a more central role instead of out on the flank. this will suit both him and the club better.
    explain it here:…finally-now-what/#more-191

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