Cristiano Ronaldo and Paris Hilton Part II

Posted: June 12, 2009 in Rumors, Soccer/Football
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It’s a crazy world right now for our dear Galacticos (ha ha ha, what a big turn around) Cristiano Ronaldo and this craziness extends to Paris Hilton. Rumor has it that they were seen snuggling and whispering in upmarket club MyHouse, one of the LA clubs were CR9 were seen cavorting in the past few days. Maybe CR9 was quite drunk when Paris joined them because afterward he was seen leaving with Ms. Hilton, in separate cars, and they extended their snuggling session to her sister’s Nicky house. He might have sobered up because two hours later, CR9 emerged covering his face up. He must have realised what he just did. And he must have completely forgotten last year incidence of ignoring the skanky Paris Hilton. Oh the wonders of alcohol.

And what will Mama Dolores says about this? I think this time she should have accepted the fact that her son will always be a skank-magnet. Mama Dolores with CR9 sisters Katia and Elma are now in LA too to celebrate his megabucks transfer. The whole clan was said to be happy and it can be said now that CR9 has been wanting to play with Real Madrid since he was nine years old…

As of now news abound that CR9 is looking for a house in Madrid preferably in the millionaire’s suburbs of La Moraleja where David Beckham used to live when he was a galacticos. And what’s this news we’ve been hearing that CR9 will not step back to Manchester to get his things? Hmmm afraid that he won’t be able to get out, afraid of being lynched? Maybe he’s not feeling anything right now, he is in seventh heaven and he is deliriously numb to all the global resentment being directed at him. Well, the days are still early we can expect more CR9 happenings. Stay tuned.

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photo from dailymail


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