Robert Pattinson in a Yellow Cab Accident

Posted: June 20, 2009 in Entertainment, Twilight
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Fans craziness over Robert Pattinson has caused him to be clipped by a New York taxicab as he tried to get away from his relentless teenage fans while filming “Remember Me”. It’s a good thing that he was not seriously hurt or else… Bodyguards of Rob were said to be snarling at fans and telling them that they almost killed him. There were lots of commotion during the big scene and many  people were greatly upset once some of them realized that it was Rob who were at the scene of the accident. You know i’m really advising all those Rob fans to be cautious in their adoration. One of these days your crazy chasing will or might kill him. We should let him enjoy his life without all this craziness…

Rob surrounded by fans on the set of Remeber Me

photo credit: AP Photo/Charles Sykes

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