Cristiano Ronaldo Two Nights in Paris: The Real Story

Posted: June 22, 2009 in Rumors, Soccer/Football, Sports
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Finally Cristiano Ronaldo has opened up on another matter aside from his transfer to Real Madrid. He has now spoken on his much publicized night out with Paris Hilton.  CRwhatever has insisted that the thing with Paris Hilton was just his way of making his US break a nice one and Paris was there to provide the fun. On Paris part she also insisted that they were just friends to finally silence the persistent rumour that they are an item although there were plans for her to follow Cristiano in Madrid because she says that she loves Europe and nothing else. And this is the part of the Paris interview that CRwhatever wanted to clear, although he said that Paris is a cool girl there are no hope for them to get together as Paris lives a thousand miles away and there might not be a future relationship for them. I think Paris should take heed on this Cristiano comment as she will be no competition to all the girls that Cristiano will be availing of once he is in Madrid. So for now his 2 nights in Paris will be just a distant memory…

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