Cristiano Ronaldo in Justifiable Rage

Posted: July 2, 2009 in Rumors, Soccer/Football
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On his way to an Elton John concert with his mother Dolores Aveiro, sisters and some friends, Real Madrid winger Cristiano Ronaldo snapped as he reportedly kicked the car and smashed the car window where his “purported fan” was trying to videotaped his movements. The girl, Sara Pardal claimed that she just wanted to follow Cristiano Ronaldo because she was a fan and only wanted his photograph. But according to various reports, the girl was accompanied by a certain paparazzi, Hugo Martins who for days were already  stalking Cristiano for some newsworthy movements of the football god. Unfortunately there’s nothing scandalous to see so he changed his tactics by using the 17-year old girl and follow the winger  by videoing his movements.

The stalking movements of the girl and Martins was said to have upset Mama Dolores who was in the car with him and being the loving son that he is, Cristiano asked Pardal and Martin to stop what they’re doing but his request was denied, making Cristiano sees red and ended up kicking the car and smashing the windows thus sending shards of glass to the girl. A report was alreay filed but the police were mum over the incident.

Cristiano looking for the vehicle following him.

Cristiano approached the said vehicle…

The car kicked by Cristiano and smashed the window

I was just curious why the girl waited til this afternoon to file a complaint and not immediately since it has been said that there is no major harm done to her and that the paparazzi was trying to sell the videotapes to Cristiano’s management company. Clearly it has extortion written all over this selling and in the next few days the world will be a witness to a video showing Cristiano in a rage because there will be some group who buy this tape just to earn some money.

The injured “fan”

People and their greed. Really. Cristiano Ronaldo may be a public property but it doesn’t mean you could take advantage of his fame. When he asked nicely to stop pestering him because he wants his mother not to be upset, that paparazzi rat should have stop whatever he is doing. He must have done something to anger Cristiano for him to kicked the car. We may know him as petty and whiny during a football game but when it comes to his mother, he, like the rest of us, will just do anything for his Mama. Just as he quoted: “I am sorry for the gesture I made, although I could not swear that, if the same thing happens again, I will not react in the same manner, because when my mother is involved it is extremely hard for me to keep my presence of spirit.”



 Credits:,, 24 horas

Updated: 2 July 2009, 1:00pm, manila time


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