Cristiano Ronaldo is Dating An Expensive Virgin

Posted: July 7, 2009 in Entertainment, Rumors, Soccer/Football
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Now that our Real Madrid winger is fully ensconced in the land of  the best league in the world, he can now concentrate on another side of his life. Yes that one side that continues to amaze us aside from his footballing prowess. It seems CR9 is reportedly dating another controversial lady and this time it’s the model who was involved in a very hot auction just eight months ago. Raffaella Fico. Yes that italian model who tried to auction her virginity to the highest bidder. But it turned out to be a cheap publicity stunt that led many to believe pure Rafaella is not really that pure as she and her family wanted us to believe. But despite all that CR9 has introduced the girl to his sisters (there was no mention of Mama Dolores) and Elton John during the gig in Lisbon that turned out to be a bad day for him as he was later involved in car-smashing with a “certain fan”. CR9 has been warned by the people around him that he should be wary of Raffaella as this time “he could have finally bitten off more than he can chew” with this girl. I wonder why?


  1. […] doves is rumored to be introduced to Mama Dolores, and of course let’s not forget that CR9 sisters has met her already. Well, the countdown has already begun, so let’s see where this relationship is […]

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