Fernando Torres is now a Proud Dad

Posted: July 9, 2009 in Entertainment, Soccer/Football
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The Torres Tot has finally arrived. Mrs. Fernando Torres, Olalla has finally given birth to their baby girl at the La Rosaleda Polyclinic Hospital of Santiago de Compostela, hometown of Olalla. It was a planned delivery since Olalla was expected to give birth on July 15, 2009. Nando has been staying with the in-laws for a week now after coming back from South Africa to await for the happy event. The Torres tot is named Nora, a greek name which means beautiful as the sun. She was delivered by Dr. Carmen Alvarez and weighed about 3.7 kilos. The La Rosaleda Polyclinic Hospital were on business as usual despite the security hired by Nando.

It was said that after birth, Baby Nora was examined by Dr. Barreiro of the Galego Pediatric Institute.

As said earlier, Nando has been staying with his parents-in-law who lives in San Lazaro. Even his parents came from Madrid to saw their granddaughter once they heard the news.

A lot of reporters expected Nando to make a statement about the birth of his first daughter, but a relative told that the couple plans to offer a general press conference within three days, when the mother is fully recovered from childbirth . Nando and Olalla were expected back in  Liverpool as soon as possible since training will soon began and he can not afford to spare more days. Congrats Nando and Olalla!

The hospital where Baby Nora is born


Photo credits: R. Escudero and bigpicturesphoto.com


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