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To my vampire Edward Cullen

May your scary love be mine

If you shun me, oh what grief!

Please gnaw me with your pointy teeth.

Do not stop, no do not check,

Just bite and bite my thirsty neck.

Your sharp incisors severing skin

Just send me reeling, in a spin.

Oh my sweet vampire Edward Cullen

Do not delay, be mine, be mine!

With Apologies to the author – Copyright Mike Lack “A Vampire Valentine”

Nope, Real Madrid winger Cristiano Ronaldo did not saw a real ghost. But what he saw was scary enough that he has walked past through her seeing nothing. Yes, I’m talking about Nereida Gallardo. CR9, who was in Majorca in one of his short breaks, has found himself in one place with his ex-girlfriend. And luckily for him his security personnel was quick enough to avert an ugly confrontation because it was said that Nereida was hell-bent on approaching CR9 and she even insisted that she was his ex-girlfriend. I actually don’t want to write about this since this is too hysterical and embarrasing. I am so embarrassed for her. The nerve of this girl, seriously. After every maligned things she told about CR9 and making money out of her relationship with him, she has the gall to approach him because it so happened that she has a media entourage with her that night. Whew, thank goodness CR9 is gentleman enough to ignore her. CR9 should prepare himself to many a confrontations with this girl as he is now inĀ  the same deadly circle as her with him playing for Real Madrid… and Nereida seems to want to capitalize in this situation. Ho hum, i wonder what other embarrassing things she nplans on making?



Credits: Daily Mail,,