My Vampire Edward Cullen

Posted: August 6, 2009 in Entertainment, Twilight Series


To my vampire Edward Cullen

May your scary love be mine

If you shun me, oh what grief!

Please gnaw me with your pointy teeth.

Do not stop, no do not check,

Just bite and bite my thirsty neck.

Your sharp incisors severing skin

Just send me reeling, in a spin.

Oh my sweet vampire Edward Cullen

Do not delay, be mine, be mine!

With Apologies to the author – Copyright Mike Lack “A Vampire Valentine”

  1. bella for jake says:

    well i luv taylor n ofcors team jacob roxxxxxxxxxx i dont hate rob coz he playz edward in twilite but i cant luv him coz he is justtt u knowwwwww i mean i dnt wana say dat thng but u know… ok 4get it but i wana mention dat he’z such a nice guy wooooooowwwwww dznt luk like a rude n proudy star he luks so down to earth i luv this thng abt him but u kno he cant beat taylor any way although he winz bella in the novels but still team jacob n taylor lautner roksssss n rulezzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!! i luv u taylor so much!!!!!

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