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Our funny Sexiest Man in the World Robert Pattinson has found a new way to discredit the astounding popularity that has come his way by making a magazine cover of himself as a target in a Dart Board. Hilarious but true as told by the people who was asked by Rob to take a shot at himself on a Dart Board while taking a break from the Eclipse shoots in Canada. He is certainly a unique among his peers as he couldn’t care less about his fame which in turn make him more lovable in our eyes. I hope you never change Rob.

I am quite excited when i saw several photos from the third Twilight installment, Eclipse and wow, what a car. I love cars and the Volvo that Edward Cullen is driving is one of the best. Could a girl ask for more… Robert Pattinson, Volvo and Edward Cullen



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We’re still high on Michael Owen’s winning goal last Sunday and it’s so nice to see Michael looking so dashing and reading himself on the paper…


Wow its been months since i’ve written something about my adorable CR9 who has done well for himself since transferring to his dream and Real home… Cristiano Ronaldo has become an untouchable force ever since donning his Real Madrid jersey and he has been most inspired and proving to the world that he is worth the €94 million that Real paid for him. And now he is adding another historical record under his name… He aims to be the first player to score in his first four Primera Division games for the Real Madrid club. Well i’m sure he could manage that in tonight’s game against Villareal. Let’s keep our fingers cross…


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Last Sunday Manchester derby was the best ever and although i am a loyal Liverpool babe, still Michael Owen has a soft spot in my heart and i will always like him, that’s why i’m so happy when Sir Alex got him and gave him the legendary No. 7 because he still believe in the Owen magic.The pix below sums up nicely what Carlos Tevez wanted all along, Michael Owen’s place…


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Its World Cup qualifier weekend guys and I’m back… and I’m also back with one of my favorite topic – Fernando Torres. The Liverpool striker was spotted in Sardinia taking a break off before today’s Spain WC qualifier against Belgium. Fernando is with wife Olalla, who by the way looks super fit and great considering giving birth only a few months ago, and super duper cute baby Nora. Awww.