Cristiano Ronaldo Lurid Sex Life

Posted: April 14, 2010 in Cristiano Ronaldo, Entertainment, Rumors
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And yet another girl has claimed that she had sex with CR9 and emerges to brag about it.

Real Madrid winger Cristiano Ronaldo is making headlines anew as lurid details of his sex life with a 23-year old Naya was exposed. Naya, formerly known as Najlae, is known as a tattle tale and always sought the company of “famous” people. She is the former partner of Paquirrin, son of the famous Spanish bullfighter and having been inside the radar of CR9 she cannot wait but reveal all the juicy details of her one-night stand with the winger. Details such as CR9 carries condom stashed in his Dolce and Gabbana cowboy boots was made known by her. Now I will never look at his D&G boots the same again and not think that “that” is a “condom-cache”. He also has high regard for fat girls who in his estimation “suck very well”… Naya goes on to say that they had sex three times and out of 10, CR9 is a glaring 9.5 and if you want to know how big his size is, Naya told that in a world of pizza, CR9 is a family size one. Yummy. To have your thing compared to a pizza. So what’s next CR9 fuck buddy wannabes? Come out now we want more details…


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