I know its World Cup year and more than a month from now we will be enthralled anew as the finest football players in the world takes the center stage. And to celebrate the world wide event Vanity Fair and the famous photographer Annie Leibovitz took the pictures of the biggest football players in the world, no pun intended, in photos so alike and yet creepily not of her famous naked babies. This time, Leibovitz exposed the football players in their undies and wearing their flags proudly. And there’s no more two proud football players in the world than Real Madrid winger Cristiano Ronaldo and Chelsea striker Didier Drogba wearing the Portugal and Ivory Coast colors, respectively. They look so buffed and a bitchy friend of mine just quipped that it is honed by all the “diving” these two guys are wont to do… anyways i need to have a copy of this and perused Brazil’s Kaka in his Armani. Of course, team mate CR9 shares his multitudes of Armani undies to him but sadly he just gives a glimpse of the Armani…


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