It seems Castrol and the people from Madame Tussauds have been busy for the past months as they made wax figure of the Ultimate Football Player. The figure has captured all the attributes of the world’s most prominent football players and mind, if this player is real his transfer value is estimated to be over 450 million dollars as based from the players the figure was made of. Now how come my opinion wasn’t consulted? I could have given them a long list of what the Ultimate Football Player would look like. But looking at the list and the result i have to agree with them but i really think they should made another wax figure and they better ask for my list.

According to Castrol, The Ultimate Performing Player consists of the following:

The height of Peter Crouch

The Hair of Carlos Puyol

The Eyes of Xavi Hernandez

The Chin of Paolo Maldini

The Chest of Michael Ballack

The Arms of Rory Delap

The Hands of Julio Cesar

The Legs of Cristiano Ronaldo

The Left Foot of Lionel Messi

The Right Foot of Thierry Henry

And here’s how the Ultimate Football Player looks like… Please disregard Sven G. in the pictures…

The Ultimate Football Player


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