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Highly emotional Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo was in such a state in last night Spain vs Portugal game that his one-man show effort is futile against the mighty Spanish armada. He was hardly seen in the second-half you think he was substituted or the person on the field was just his shadow. In the end all his effort was for naught as Portugal was knocked out of the Round 16 of the 2010 FIFA Tournament joining highly illustrious countries such France, Italy, USA, England that was knocked out earlier.

Amidst the celebrations of Spain team, the camera was solely focused on Cristiano Ronaldo and his dejected posture. We all know how unforgiving the camera are on this year tournament but did i just see Cristiano spit intentionally? I just found out now that it was a big deal and now the fans are calling him a big loser. Whatever. On the brighter side, now he can get on with his life and go on a holiday with Irina and give us highly entertaining stories. Now the countdown for the Cristiano-Irina relationship begins. How long will it last?




I have noticed that Cristiano never ever sing Portugal’s national anthem. May be he doesn’t want Eduardo to hear his voice, or there’s fear that he might get discovered by an agent that he has a voice for singing?

photos by zimbio

The humiliated England team is back on their turf and if i were them i will book a long holiday away from the critics and the fans.


Well tonight is the night where Spain will meet Portugal in the R16. Portugal’s captain Cristiano Ronaldo will be facing a lot of his friends on the other team and though he has admired Spain as the world’s best , advancing to the next level is what keeping his mind on the level. Let’s all hope the best team wins tonight.

Forbes Alert: Forbes has released their 100 Most Powerful Celebrity and Cristiano Ronaldo is ranked at # 48. To quote Forbes: “Last June Real Madrid paid a record $132 million transfer fee to Manchester United for the rights to Ronaldo. The 2008 FIFA Player of the Year did not get a cut of the transfer money, but he was rewarded with a six-year deal worth $18 million annually. Ronaldo is challenging David Beckham as the most marketable player in soccer. His biggest deal is with Nike; it pays Ronaldo $8 million annually.

I never thought they would face each other this early in the 2010 World Cup, but Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo and Spain’s Fernando Torres will have the chance to show the football world on who will perform better in the greatest show on earth. Country-wise I am a Spain fan but i love both Torres and Ronaldo, so ican only wish the best for both teams…


It is not enough that Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo has become so much bigger and larger-than-life in this 2010 World Cup, he wants to conquer the online world too. CR9 has just relaunched his website where you can find all the links about him and his enormous photo gallery. Recently he also opened his own Facebook account, which as of this moment, has 5,318,220 fans. And his Twitter account also boasted of 145,821 followers…



Many fans have been wishing to see Fernando Torres’ daughter Nora, but so far the only images we’ve seen of the adorable baby is her fuzzy pink blanket, her fuzzy hair, her pink shoes and if ever there was one, there really is only one. So we might as well feast our eyes on it…


We always have this image of Cristiano Ronaldo as a gorgeous football player but his downfall could be his feet or more specifically his dead nail. But what the heck, he’s been playing football since he was a kid, so naturally his feet would have been battered and bruised and maybe murdered by his cleat, still, the overall package is gorgeous… just don’t nibble on his toes. Eewww…