The famous Esposas y novias (WAG Spain version) of Spain goalkeeper Iker Casillas, FHM US sexiest reporter Sara Carbonero is being maligned left and right by the Spanish media and Spain’s fans as well for causing a distraction to dear IKER and for costing Spain a loss to Switzerland in last night World Cup game… Well duh. Its very outrageous, really, to blame the girl, after all the squad has so many chances of making a goal but its all for naught and very, very frustrating i almost wish i could do it myself so that Spain could score. But when i saw the video of Iker being interviewed by the “sympathethic and sensitive” Senorita Carbonero, it was a real cringe-worthy moment and it won’t be surprising if the girl gets dumped by Iker in the future. Like today for instance… my heart could only hope


Still, Spain lost and a heartbreaking one at that. Not even gorgeous Swiss boy Eren Derdiyok could make up for it… I know i should hate him. He’s part of the team that puts a little dent to Spain’s hope but he’s a hottie!

Swiss boy, I’m (you’re) in love with a Swiss boy

thanks mirror!


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