Cristiano Ronaldo Defines Single Fatherhood

Posted: July 8, 2010 in Cristiano Ronaldo, Rumors, Soccer/Football, Sports
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It must be nice to be single and a father. Cristiano Ronaldo proves that he is living the life while his barely a month old son is in Portugal under his grandma’s and Aunt’s care. I don’t want to be judgmental but isn’t he supposed to take care of his son while CR2 is in its early infancy? I mean, he doesn’t have a mother to take care of him because he was given away and now his father is cavorting with his lingerie model girlfriend whilst in New York. Poor Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., what a poor little rich boy he is becoming… I guess this is the life he’s supposed to start and grow accustomed to.


photos by splashnews

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