I Luv This Pix – Cristiano Ronaldo in Vacation

Posted: July 20, 2010 in Cristiano Ronaldo, I Luv This Pix!, Rumors, Soccer/Football, Sports
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Yes, i’m back. I have to catch up on my sleep and the 2010 World Cup has made a mess of my sleeping pattern, mainly because i live on the wrong continent and i have to wake up each game day at an ungodly hour of 2 AM just to watch it. Thank goodness it only happens every four years. Congrats to Spain again. Woohoo…

And now for the latest on Cristiano Ronaldo, i thought by now the tabloids has already unearthed the identity of Cristiano Ronaldo Jnr. birth mother but all i found in the news is that a waitress was the culprit, someone he saw in a restaurant but if you look at the time line it was so off, CR2 should have been three months old by now. I know its kind of romantic if it happened that way… CR9 seeing the waitress and they have a one-night-stand, and the girl found out she’s pregnant, she contacted CR9 agent because she don’t know where to contact him, they have a DNA test to prove CR9 paternity and then bought the girl’s silence by millions of dollars and presto CR9 is now a Dad and has exclusivity as a father. I know i should believe that, but i don’t think there are still girls out there who can keep quiet that they have a one-night-stand with CR9 and it resulted to a baby!!!

So we’re really back to the surrogate-issue. I now think there’s nothing wrong with that. He wants to be a father, so he hired a surrogate. After all he has his mother and sisters to take care of CR2 and he can still gallivant and take a vacation even if he has a baby. In the meantime he will just wait for the baby to grow up and when he is old enough to kick a ball then he can spend time with CR2. Jnr can learn two things at once, he can kick the ball and when he falls, that’s where you learn diving the “Ronaldo’s Way”…


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