I have only been to one country in Europe and though I love Germany at first sight, my life-long dream of going to Paris will always be in my blood until such time that i will step off the plane and only when my foot touches the Charles de Gaulle airport will i be able to be free of my Paris-induced fantasy.

So where do you think will i go once i’m in Paris? I can almost imagine myself Carrie-Bradshaw-like as i walked the cobbled-stone street of my dream city…

My cravings for Paris is like my cravings for a Laduree Macarons. Last week, there was an episode of Gossip Girl where my favorite bitch-heiress Blair Waldorf is eating macarons while in a bath and another where she stuffed her bag with a macarons! And it makes me to think of Paris…

And only a Laduree Macarons will do for me…

I love arts and i wouldn’t miss a day or however long it will take me to explore The Louvre but i wouldn’t mind spending a lot of time there. And i would want to see the pyramid made famous by Dan Brown and see if there really is something there…

Next to fireworks, another thing i love is fountains. I feel calm and peaceful whenever i see one and i wouldn’t miss going to Stravinsky Fountain. This is a one of a kind fountain because it consists of sixteen separate sculptures inspired by Stravinsky’s music.

I love Louis Vuitton like any other girls and eventhough i will not be buying anything, just browse, i still want to go to Louis Vuitton in Paris…

I may not know Jim Morrison in my lifetime because he died at a young age of 27 but i love his music and his poems and call me crazy or what but I always wanted to see the famous graveyard in the world, the Pere Lechaise Cemetery and Jim Morrison grave is there.

Noticed the line below his birth and death year, Δαίμων εαυτού” means the protector deity that lived inside the man from the birth till the death and took care of the personal evolution and prosperity, something like a guardian angel. So the “κατά τον δαίμονα εαυτού” basically means “according to what conscience suggests being right”. Isn’t it ironic, Morrison’s conscience might have suggest that suicide is right!

I have always been intrigued by Nicholas Flamel even before I’ve read about him in Harry Potter. The idea of immortality fascinates me and when a friend of mine told me that Flamel’s house in Paris still exist, can you imagine my excitement. I am so going to visit and stay at his house.

This house, which is now nearly six hundred years old, is also the oldest house in Paris, and a historic monument. Flamel lived here with his wife, Pernelle, and provided free lodging for the poor in exchange for a daily prayer as Flamel was a pious Catholic. And you can still stay in this house for free, poor or not. There’s a great deal of mystery, legend, and history surrounding Flamel. And some even think he and his wife are still alive …

Of course, what is Paris without the Eiffel Tower. And surely this is a grand sight especially during night time.

to be continued


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