On Cristiano Ronaldo’s Baby Mama: Nereida Gallardo is Right All along!

Posted: January 4, 2011 in Cristiano Ronaldo, Entertainment
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Real Madrid winger Cristiano Ronaldo controversial ex-grilfriend Nereida Gallardo might have been right all along when she revealed last August 2010 in an interview that the mother of CR Jnr is a British student who contacted her via Facebook when the student learned she was pregnant by CR7 in a one-night stand and she wants to know how he can be reached. But everyone has taken for granted what she revealed.

Now in the latest development, CR7 is facing a showdown with the mystery mother as it has been rumored that CR Jnr mom wants access to her baby and that the “exclusive guardianship” she has given CR7 over an undisclosed amount of money, which other say is £10million, is a bitter decision she has now obviously regrets. Maybe she realized that she could earn more if the baby is with her. On her part, the mystery mother “feels like she has sold her soul. She has this millionaire lifestyle but can never tell her friends and family the truth about what has happened and that makes her feel incredibly lonely.”

Aaww, she should have realized that sooner…

Maybe seeing the six-month old CR Jnr triggered her motherly heart…


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