Posted: February 1, 2011 in Rumors, Soccer/Football, Sports
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There’s not enough comfort words in the world right now to make me feel not so betrayed at the decision of Fernando Torres to move to Chelsea FC. That is why i let 24 hours passed before i make any comment  or else i will be like a lot of Liverpudlians, whom over the weekend, has been under so much anxiety when news of El Nino’s mega transfer was first bandied about, that every words you can likened to a traitor has been hurled at Traitorres Torres. Will he or will he not do it? On my part, i always believed that El Nino is loyal to the Kops but i have my doubts. In the end all my denials of his transfer has turned into acceptance and we cannot really blame him. Its a good thing i like him more a lot as Fernando Torres the person and not Fernando Torres, Liverpool’s #9. To be completely honest about it, Xabi Alonso’s transfer to Real Madrid hurt me more than the Torres transfer saga because until now i still cant fathom why Liverpool let go of him in the first place. Just to be clear about it, i hope i will not hear Torres saying that he always wanted to play for Chelsea, etc. Because it will be a big lie. I hope his decision will not backfire on him, the way i see it Chelsea will never be able to win the Premiership this year and i hope he won’t be injury-prone!


  1. chidori7114 says:

    I can understand where he is coming from. He is a world class player, of course he’d be wanting to play on the biggest stages (UCL). I still remain a Fernando Torres fan. Apart from Messi, he is the most exciting player to watch. No one makes a crowd respond as magically as he does. He has that ineffable quality of bringing out crowd admiration and adoration that I haven’t seen in anyone else!
    BUT he is a football player, and therein lies our biggest difference. A fan like me is willing to wait forever for her team to come around in the most difficult stages. But for a football player who can only play at the highest level or at his peak for a limited number of years he cannot wait. And for that, I understand what he has done. But I have no respect for the manner in which he has done it. He owes it to the Liverpool fans who have adored him so much throughout the years. He owes us that much to have said the proper goodbye (as he did to Atletico Madrid). Granted, I know, Atletico Madrid is his first love, BUT Liverpool is Liverpool. He broke my heart the moment I learned of his transfer request. I was one of millions around the world without proper sleep throughout the weekend, just so I can really know what was happening. I vascillated many times. Calling him a prat and unselfish for letting us go through this miserable and devastating time and pleading to the Lord Almighty to change Nando’s mind. But in my heart, I knew he would go. For all the memories I’ve had (best ones include his goal at Old Trafford in 2009 at the Champions League, the one where he won the ball from Vidic), they will always stay in my heart forever.

    P.S. My only regret is that I wasn’t able to wear your shirt proudly when you were still Liverpool’s No.9. It’s supposed to be arriving this February. I know I’ll never be able to wear that one now. I won’t have the courage and the heart. I won’t burn it though. Just put it away so I won’t have to go through the wonderful memories you gave me ….not when you are no longer there to share it with your Liverpool fans.

    • imadivaprincess says:

      I feel for you, seriously. That’s why my over-the-weekend denial just turned into acceptance now. I just hope that he is happy. But whenever i look in his picture, his eyes are just so sad. He is still the Nando that we love, we cannot really hate him. Its just that he should have said his goodbye to us without this transfer mess!!!

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