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This is what everybody is waiting for… the sight of Cristiano Ronaldo  cuddling his son and Irina Shayk playing  mother to little Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.  Awww, sweet!  And now our doubt will be put into rest as we take a good look at Little CR7, he looks so much like is father and CR7 sure does know how to cuddle a baby.  And is he preparing Irina to play mother to his son? Methinks we will see a wedding before the summer ends…

So cute!!!

And Irina looks uncomfortable handling Little CR7…



Note:  Photos are no longer available for viewing as I was asked to take it down… Sorry. Just  comment if you really want to see it.

I wonder what’s the brouhaha all about? So photos have been leaked in the past, even an entire unedited movie and no harm was done, in fact said movie even made more money than they expected. I think Robert Pattinson harsh quote over the “leakers” of Breaking Dawn sex scenes photos was just that, harsh. He should know by now that said photos will make Twilighters around the world to anticipate more and be more excited about the movie. And it’s only photos right? And good ones ones too…

The Harry Potter series movie is really ending…


No wonder CR7 loves her… it’s about to slip out!


Here are few pictures to the much awaited Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2… The end is really near… makes me want to cry.

Yay! Finally a preview of the the honeymoon scenes in Breaking Dawn. Can’t wait for the movie…

And here’s the one where she’s holding feathers from the pillows shredded by Edward.

And these are the on set photos of the honeymoon in Isle Esme.



Somebody Dying under the MRI

Posted: January 12, 2011 in Entertainment
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This is kind of scary and cool. Before you die, your brain releases tons and tons of endorphins that make you feel a range of emotions. This is why when people die, they see things like “a light” and they feel so euphoric.