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There’s not enough comfort words in the world right now to make me feel not so betrayed at the decision of Fernando Torres to move to Chelsea FC. That is why i let 24 hours passed before i make any comment  or else i will be like a lot of Liverpudlians, whom over the weekend, has been under so much anxiety when news of El Nino’s mega transfer was first bandied about, that every words you can likened to a traitor has been hurled at Traitorres Torres. Will he or will he not do it? On my part, i always believed that El Nino is loyal to the Kops but i have my doubts. In the end all my denials of his transfer has turned into acceptance and we cannot really blame him. Its a good thing i like him more a lot as Fernando Torres the person and not Fernando Torres, Liverpool’s #9. To be completely honest about it, Xabi Alonso’s transfer to Real Madrid hurt me more than the Torres transfer saga because until now i still cant fathom why Liverpool let go of him in the first place. Just to be clear about it, i hope i will not hear Torres saying that he always wanted to play for Chelsea, etc. Because it will be a big lie. I hope his decision will not backfire on him, the way i see it Chelsea will never be able to win the Premiership this year and i hope he won’t be injury-prone!



I love IMAX 3D especially if its a movie i want to watch and a 3D of it would be spectacular. But a 3D Porn? Yes, i’m afraid it has come to fruition and it’s only a matter of time that such genre would capitalize on this movie technology.

The World’s first eye-popping 3D porn flick ’3-D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy’, will be released in May 2011. This 3D pornographic film has a plot based loosely on a Chinese classic erotic story called The Carnal Prayer and it is also a reworking of 1991 Hong Kong cult movie “Sex and Zen”. Stephen Shiu and a group of Hong Kong film producers are racing to be the first to produce this World’s First 3D porn flick.

But the Americans doesn’t want to be left behind, already, other major 3-D erotic movies are also in the works. Adult entertainment firm Hustler is rumored to be working on a 3-D adult spoof of the blue aliens in “Avatar,” (James Cameron must be cringing by now) and Italian director Tinto Brass plans to film an IMAX 3-D version of his classic 1979 erotic film “Caligula”.

As far as i’m concerned this medium is a big “eew-factor”. Who would want to watch a 3D porn in an IMAX theatre, with other movie-goers (excited and panting moviegoers) around you? Isn’t the reason why porn is a vice is because you want to do it in private? And do you really want that “thing” 3ditized in your face? Come on, only the pervert would agree to this. And i for one, wouldn’t want to seat in those seats occupied by the people who would watch this porn flick. Imagine the mess. And those 3d glasses must be glued on and should be disposable.

I think by now we have enough of Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero PDA’s and still, they are not stopping. Eewww. Grrrrrrr. I hate this picture…

People are getting bored nowadays that they assume other personality to make other people’s life hell. Just yesterday, some reliable website announced that Real Madrid winger Cristiano Ronaldo is getting married and the announcement came from lingerie model Irina Shayk Facebook account and they even have a date for the wedding – before Christmas. I doubt if Irina will last that long in CR9 life.

Naturally, Irina denied certain news over her “real Facebook account”. And as CR9 is holed up in his Villamoura property, hopefully taking care of his son, we’ll believe if the news is real if CR9 tweeted about it since he’s so web-savvy nowadays… For the meantime i suggest you bet amongst yourselves the exact date Irina will last as CR9 latest squeeze.


Yes, i’m back. I have to catch up on my sleep and the 2010 World Cup has made a mess of my sleeping pattern, mainly because i live on the wrong continent and i have to wake up each game day at an ungodly hour of 2 AM just to watch it. Thank goodness it only happens every four years. Congrats to Spain again. Woohoo…

And now for the latest on Cristiano Ronaldo, i thought by now the tabloids has already unearthed the identity of Cristiano Ronaldo Jnr. birth mother but all i found in the news is that a waitress was the culprit, someone he saw in a restaurant but if you look at the time line it was so off, CR2 should have been three months old by now. I know its kind of romantic if it happened that way… CR9 seeing the waitress and they have a one-night-stand, and the girl found out she’s pregnant, she contacted CR9 agent because she don’t know where to contact him, they have a DNA test to prove CR9 paternity and then bought the girl’s silence by millions of dollars and presto CR9 is now a Dad and has exclusivity as a father. I know i should believe that, but i don’t think there are still girls out there who can keep quiet that they have a one-night-stand with CR9 and it resulted to a baby!!!

So we’re really back to the surrogate-issue. I now think there’s nothing wrong with that. He wants to be a father, so he hired a surrogate. After all he has his mother and sisters to take care of CR2 and he can still gallivant and take a vacation even if he has a baby. In the meantime he will just wait for the baby to grow up and when he is old enough to kick a ball then he can spend time with CR2. Jnr can learn two things at once, he can kick the ball and when he falls, that’s where you learn diving the “Ronaldo’s Way”…

Don’t believe anything the tabloids tells you, and i believe in that. As i was reading the latest ondits i can’t help but look at the headlines and the picture and the story behind it. And almost most of the time, you have to read between the lines because clearly what they’re doing is just interpreting the body language and the subject expression and then add more to sensationalize the stories… Well, anyway most of them are fun read in their ridiculousness and hilarity.


Daily Mail: Carbonero, 25, who works for Telecinco, looked chic in a grey vest dress and blue wedged heels.


Zimbio described this as: Cristiano Ronaldo returns home to Portugal with his American-born surrogate baby son to meet his family, including his mother Maria Dolores, who is expected to help raise the child. Ronaldo’s older sisters, Elma and Liliana, are also on hand to help as they take the baby for a checkup at a private hospital.

How can they deduced from this picture that Cristiano Ronaldo Jnr. “was rushed to a hospital in a mystery scare.” according to the latest Sun headline

Cristiano Ronaldo’s son, Junior, was believed to be spotted as pictures of Mama Dolores Aveiro with her boyfriend was seen lugging a baby carrier as they were leaving from Algarve to Lisbon today. In the picture, you can only see the baby’s feet, but wait, wait, is that a fair hair we’ve been seeing. I thought Cristiano Ronaldo’s Jnr was as dark-haired as his father as insinuated by sister Katia in one of the interview? What is going on?

Methinks that the baby is just a decoy as news that Real Madrid winger Cristiano Ronaldo has arrived in Lisbon from his US sojourns with a certain lingerie model has reached yours truly. Then immediately after arriving, he was seen in his rented property in Villamoura, Algarve where, Baby Ronaldo is staying with his grandma and aunts in the past few days while Dad is in the US… Maybe, CR9 wants to spend some time alone with his son without all the fanfare created by his news of instant fatherhood…



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