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It is very heartening to see that Pinoys are going crazy over football. Thank goodness we have the Azkals. And just yesterday they were featured front-page at Fifa website, ahead of today’s matches for the AFC Qualifying matches against Mongolia. And yes we won the first round today! 2-0. “Chiefly” and Adorable Phil made the goals as fans goes wild inside the jampacked Panaad Stadium in Bacolod. Now, i really wish someone will build a football stadium in the metro so we could host  a game anytime. Wouldn’t that be a dream?

And Neil Etheridge cleansheet in today’s match was also reported by his team Fulham in their website…

Should the Philippine Azkals wins again over Mongolia in the second leg this March, this time, Mongolia will be the host, the Azkals will compete against Myanmar, Palestine and Bangladesh in the 2012 AFC Challenge Cup between the 20th and 31st Match 2011.

There’s only one thing i can say… Go, Go, Azkals!

Thanks Getty Images for the photos.

From another angle:

Chelsea’s new man Fernando Torres sweet gesture to his former captain Steven Gerrard may not be enough to endear himself back to me, but it’s definitely a small step. Thank goodness I cannot hear the incessant chants on Sunday’s Chelsea-Liverpool game because when I’ve read what it’s all about, my sympathies are with Torres. But the fans are so witty because the chants were double-edged…

His wallet proves he is a Blue,
He scored some goals but
never was a Red, Torres
We bought the lad from
sunny Spain
He left to be a Roman’s slave
Fernando Trait….errrrr, sorry,
forgot his name

And here’s another one:

Carra’s gonna break your leg!
Torres, Torres
Stevie ’s gonna break your
neck! Torres, Torres
You dirty little fcukin rat,
You ’re dead to us you cheeky
Fernando Torres, John Terry
will shag your wife!

one more…

He said that he was a red
But now his wife is with JT in
He wont win a euro cup
his medal cabinet is full of
Fernando Torres is a dirty

Source of the Chants

Feliz cumpleanos Cristiano!

There’s not enough comfort words in the world right now to make me feel not so betrayed at the decision of Fernando Torres to move to Chelsea FC. That is why i let 24 hours passed before i make any comment  or else i will be like a lot of Liverpudlians, whom over the weekend, has been under so much anxiety when news of El Nino’s mega transfer was first bandied about, that every words you can likened to a traitor has been hurled at Traitorres Torres. Will he or will he not do it? On my part, i always believed that El Nino is loyal to the Kops but i have my doubts. In the end all my denials of his transfer has turned into acceptance and we cannot really blame him. Its a good thing i like him more a lot as Fernando Torres the person and not Fernando Torres, Liverpool’s #9. To be completely honest about it, Xabi Alonso’s transfer to Real Madrid hurt me more than the Torres transfer saga because until now i still cant fathom why Liverpool let go of him in the first place. Just to be clear about it, i hope i will not hear Torres saying that he always wanted to play for Chelsea, etc. Because it will be a big lie. I hope his decision will not backfire on him, the way i see it Chelsea will never be able to win the Premiership this year and i hope he won’t be injury-prone!


It was in the 74th minute of the Liverpool – Aston Villa match last night that Fernando Torres and Olalla welcomed their new baby boy – a healthy baby they named Leo. Although Nando missed the match, he was doubly happy as he saw his son for the first time and Liverpool won against Aston Villa 3 Nil.



thanks IML Image Group for the photo

Yoann Gourcuff. Yoann Miguel Gourcuff. Just saying his name is enough to send a million fan girls sighing and dreaming that this heavenly, Greek God-type football player is theirs alone. But sorry, he is mine. Well at least in my dream world and though he doesn’t know I’m his girlfriend, well, duh, its a secret. Let me tell you numerous reason why this Lyon player is adroolable and droolicious…

Firstly, he is French… (and that explains everything, just forget the World Cup debacle)

Secondly, he has green eyes with an impossibly long eyelashes…

Thirdly, he cannot seem to keep his shirt on!

And, eeerrr, his jersey shorts, too.

Bayern Munchen and German NT Bastian Schweinsteiger is our adroolable football player #2. There are four things why i love Bastian… Let me enumerate…





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