My Fantasy XI

I’m obsessed with football and i always think that I live in the wrong continent. I should have been in Europe so that i won’t have to sleep late always if there’s a fixture going on… Yeah i wish. I hope my two imaginary boyfriends, Iker Casillas and Cristiano Ronaldo would hear my fervent wish and whisk me away from here to live in a place near them or better yet in their home. Anyhoo, if  i’m as rich as Roman Abramovich or Silvio Berlusconi and i have the means to own a football team and i am allowed to have unlimited access to players, the following are the players i want in my team. And yes, being good-looking is one of the requirements. Indulge me.

casillas_glove_3 Goalkeeper: Iker Casillas (Real Madrid) – He is definitely a keeper. As a captain for Spain, he has led the team in capturing its first European Championship in 44 years! For me he is the world’s best goalkeeper and FIFA seemed to agree with me as he is currently ranked 4th in the 2008 FIFA World Player of the Year Award.


xabi_alonso_280x390_500401a Xabi Alonso (Liverpool) – A memberof my favorite team, he comes from a family of footballing prowess. His ability to pass the ball in an exhibitionist way is one of the thing i like about him. He could spot a teammate even from afar and could pass over the ball with deadly and uncanny accuracy. A member of Spain international, his highest honor to date is winning the Euro 2008 Cup.

philiplahm Philip Lahm (Bayern Munich) – a defender both for his team and country, Lahm is the bestt fullback i know and i like the way he paced, dribbled and crossed in the field despite his small stature. He could run the ball both from right and left flank. He is simply the best.

garics_scheda Gyorgy Garics – (Atalanta) I saw him while he was still playing for Napoli in the Serie A against Inter and  he was good as an attacking wingback and the years to come will be good for him as evidenced by the fact that he was called up for the Vienna national team.

grossoooo Fabio Grosso (Lyon) – Who could ever forget this hunky Italian? Remember World Cup 2006? Yeah, i know. I was rooting for Germany back then after England was… never mind, i would rather forget that whole episode. But Fabio, I could never hate him after one look at his face and even if he delivered that late dramatic winning goal against Germany in the semi final i changed allegiance so fast during the final that i completely forgot i love Zizou.  And Fabio never disappointed me as he scored the winning penalty in the shootout that win Italy their trophy.


steven-gerrard1 Steven Gerrard (Liverpool) – A member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE), Stevie G is the man i would like to captain England in their quest to get the World Cup trophy. He is a one-man goal scoring machine and though i like seeing him played as a center midfielder, i know he could play best as a striker. And he is ever so sweet, he has inscribed his daughters name in his football boots and i heard that its his lucky pair.

7 Yoann Gourcuff (Bordeaux) – I saw him play for AC Milan once alongside Kaka but the moment I noticed him was when he was playing in the France national team and since then i followed his career when he was loaned to Bordeaux and I’m proud to say that AC Milan lost was Bordeaux gain. I am positive to say that this Girondins will be the next Zizou.

sebastian_kehl Sebastian Kehl (B. Dortmund) – He was my big time crush in the World Cup 2006. I love the way he passed the ball and the way he tackled his opponent and he was a key player and he’s proven this especially when he was made captain for his team Borussia Dortmund. And no i will not mentioned the “clothing malfunction” that made him so famous around the world…

cristiano_ronaldo_493242a Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United) – Currently the world’s best player. His ability to dribble the ball and crossing is one the best thing i admired about him and of course his goal scoring. For me he is the definition of sexy football. I just dont like it when he dives, and he really does it a lot. He is one serial diver.


5915684 Fernando Torres (Liverpool) – El Nino. I always wondered why he was overlooked by the biggest team in Spain. But then La Liga’s lost is the Premier League’s gain. Liverpool’s bonafide superstar next to Steven Gerrard, Nando given precious time barring injury will make Cristiano Ronaldo trembled in his football boots in the years to come. And CR7 should take this is a warning as according to the survey, Nando is the best loved Premier League player while he was the most hated.

lionelmessiitv_767129 Lionel Messi (Barcelona) – I am saving this best for last. Lionel Messi will be undoubtedly this year best player of the world. And i would so dearly love to see him play for the Premier League but then he fit so nicely with Barcelona that its a joy to watch La Liga again.    For me he is the only one to succeed Diego Maradona even if Atletico’s Sergio Aguero could rival him for this title, never mind that Aguero is Maradona’s son-in-law. I love the way he run across the field evading six opponents and then scoring a goal. He always does that and its never tiresome to watch it. Look out Cristiano the Messidona is out to get you.


  1. gmc007 says:

    Some good players there, but how you can put Alonso at full-back is baffling and it seems you have squeezed him in there juts to accomodate him in your team. he’s no full-back. I’d consider him on the bench for a fantasy 11, but then you are a girl and have already mentioned you choose this team based primarily on loks and not footballing skills which explains why only 3 players are actually in their preferred positions!! I’m not having a go at you, just stating a different opinion, granted a very difference opinion to yours! p.s. I’m also a Liverpool fan, so no begrudgement here!

    • imadivaprincess says:

      it’s ok, that’s why i stated ahead that my fantasy XI is based on looks although i know that’s not really their preferred position. anyway, thanks. go kops…

  2. dila bakri says:

    hey there princess..

    nice line up you got here. but i have to agree with gmc007. xabi alonso is not a right back. maybe you could push him up to the MF and pull one out. and.. may i suggest you replace him with.. errmm.. lets say, alessandro nesta or luca zambrotta? who can ignore those handsome italians?? lol~

  3. Cena says:

    Nice man

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