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If all goes well today against Villareal, football ace Cristiano Ronaldo will play this Sunday for Manchester United against rival Chelsea, although he will be in the sub’s bench. C-Ron who received the Euro Golden Boot last Saturday in Madeira beating  Real Mallorca striker Daniel Guiza who only have 27 goals against his 31 goals last season was emotional because he received the award in the place where he grew up and he wants to show those who like him that he was still the same person he was before. Yeah right except he’s got more money now…

Ronaldo’s fast recovery from his ankle surgery will enable him to play against Chelsea although he was really scheduled to play for the September 27 Bolton game. He has stepped up in his training and it was said that his return will be used by Sir Alex as a major psychological weapon in his first clash with Scolari. But Sir Alex is the one psychologically bothered right now when the FA overturned John Terry’s red card thus, leaving him free to play agains Man United. He is accusing referee’s chief Hackett of being biased against United and said that Hackett wouldn’t do it for United if this happened to them. Maybe he is right because this was the third time that Chelsea got off after an appeal. 

As to Ronaldo’s warm welcome from the United supporters, Sir Alex assured that this will not be a problem and he knows that the supporters understand the situation. Well, we only hope that he is right. Remember the time when Ronaldo was booed off in the Premier League after the incident with Rooney in the World Cup?  I hope that’s a different situation.

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