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Cristiano Ronaldo’s son, Junior, was believed to be spotted as pictures of Mama Dolores Aveiro with her boyfriend was seen lugging a baby carrier as they were leaving from Algarve to Lisbon today. In the picture, you can only see the baby’s feet, but wait, wait, is that a fair hair we’ve been seeing. I thought Cristiano Ronaldo’s Jnr was as dark-haired as his father as insinuated by sister Katia in one of the interview? What is going on?

Methinks that the baby is just a decoy as news that Real Madrid winger Cristiano Ronaldo has arrived in Lisbon from his US sojourns with a certain lingerie model has reached yours truly. Then immediately after arriving, he was seen in his rented property in Villamoura, Algarve where, Baby Ronaldo is staying with his grandma and aunts in the past few days while Dad is in the US… Maybe, CR9 wants to spend some time alone with his son without all the fanfare created by his news of instant fatherhood…



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It must be nice to be single and a father. Cristiano Ronaldo proves that he is living the life while his barely a month old son is in Portugal under his grandma’s and Aunt’s care. I don’t want to be judgmental but isn’t he supposed to take care of his son while CR2 is in its early infancy? I mean, he doesn’t have a mother to take care of him because he was given away and now his father is cavorting with his lingerie model girlfriend whilst in New York. Poor Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., what a poor little rich boy he is becoming… I guess this is the life he’s supposed to start and grow accustomed to.


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Our favorite Real Madrid winger Cristiano Ronaldo is ever so adorable as he takes his Mother Dolores Aveiro and sister Katia to a dinner date at the popular restaurant Meson Txistu in Madrid last Sunday. Maybe its part celebration as Real Madrid is tied with Barcelona on top of La Liga at the moment and CR9 is promising that their winning momentum will continue and that they only need to beat Barca and win the rest of their game for the Los Merengues to bring the glory back at the Bernabeau. We’re counting on you CR9!

On his way to an Elton John concert with his mother Dolores Aveiro, sisters and some friends, Real Madrid winger Cristiano Ronaldo snapped as he reportedly kicked the car and smashed the car window where his “purported fan” was trying to videotaped his movements. The girl, Sara Pardal claimed that she just wanted to follow Cristiano Ronaldo because she was a fan and only wanted his photograph. But according to various reports, the girl was accompanied by a certain paparazzi, Hugo Martins who for days were already  stalking Cristiano for some newsworthy movements of the football god. Unfortunately there’s nothing scandalous to see so he changed his tactics by using the 17-year old girl and follow the winger  by videoing his movements.

The stalking movements of the girl and Martins was said to have upset Mama Dolores who was in the car with him and being the loving son that he is, Cristiano asked Pardal and Martin to stop what they’re doing but his request was denied, making Cristiano sees red and ended up kicking the car and smashing the windows thus sending shards of glass to the girl. A report was alreay filed but the police were mum over the incident.

Cristiano looking for the vehicle following him.

Cristiano approached the said vehicle…

The car kicked by Cristiano and smashed the window

I was just curious why the girl waited til this afternoon to file a complaint and not immediately since it has been said that there is no major harm done to her and that the paparazzi was trying to sell the videotapes to Cristiano’s management company. Clearly it has extortion written all over this selling and in the next few days the world will be a witness to a video showing Cristiano in a rage because there will be some group who buy this tape just to earn some money.

The injured “fan”

People and their greed. Really. Cristiano Ronaldo may be a public property but it doesn’t mean you could take advantage of his fame. When he asked nicely to stop pestering him because he wants his mother not to be upset, that paparazzi rat should have stop whatever he is doing. He must have done something to anger Cristiano for him to kicked the car. We may know him as petty and whiny during a football game but when it comes to his mother, he, like the rest of us, will just do anything for his Mama. Just as he quoted: “I am sorry for the gesture I made, although I could not swear that, if the same thing happens again, I will not react in the same manner, because when my mother is involved it is extremely hard for me to keep my presence of spirit.”



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Updated: 2 July 2009, 1:00pm, manila time

It’s a crazy world right now for our dear Galacticos (ha ha ha, what a big turn around) Cristiano Ronaldo and this craziness extends to Paris Hilton. Rumor has it that they were seen snuggling and whispering in upmarket club MyHouse, one of the LA clubs were CR9 were seen cavorting in the past few days. Maybe CR9 was quite drunk when Paris joined them because afterward he was seen leaving with Ms. Hilton, in separate cars, and they extended their snuggling session to her sister’s Nicky house. He might have sobered up because two hours later, CR9 emerged covering his face up. He must have realised what he just did. And he must have completely forgotten last year incidence of ignoring the skanky Paris Hilton. Oh the wonders of alcohol.

And what will Mama Dolores says about this? I think this time she should have accepted the fact that her son will always be a skank-magnet. Mama Dolores with CR9 sisters Katia and Elma are now in LA too to celebrate his megabucks transfer. The whole clan was said to be happy and it can be said now that CR9 has been wanting to play with Real Madrid since he was nine years old…

As of now news abound that CR9 is looking for a house in Madrid preferably in the millionaire’s suburbs of La Moraleja where David Beckham used to live when he was a galacticos. And what’s this news we’ve been hearing that CR9 will not step back to Manchester to get his things? Hmmm afraid that he won’t be able to get out, afraid of being lynched? Maybe he’s not feeling anything right now, he is in seventh heaven and he is deliriously numb to all the global resentment being directed at him. Well, the days are still early we can expect more CR9 happenings. Stay tuned.

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It’s CR7 24th birthday yesterday, February 5 and our dear Manchester United winger admits that he loves to be hated. And fans must have felt it too because lately he was voted as the Most Hateful Man in the Premier League. CR7 said that he has come to term with this and he uses the fans animosity to his advantage. And sometimes he worry when fans don’t boo or target him because he thrives during those moments when the boo-boys are active.  He even encourage the boys to boo him so that he could surpass the 42 goals he had last year. What a contradiction he is. I mean all of us, one way or another, must care what other people think of us. You may be rich or not, but what others think always matter. CR7 said he wanted to be the best in the world but can he do that when a lot people hated him? Just asking.

In another CR7 matter, the result of the inquiry on the Ferrari crash that involved CR7  last month showed that the car had no defect. The Sun reported  that ” the brakes as well as the other safety systems worked perfectly and were in no way associated with the cause of the accident.” So if that is the case CR7 driving skills will be the one in question and will be investigated further.

Last week a picture of CR7  was taken after he has dined at the Gusto Restaurant on Alderley’s London Road. And he looked every inch the “metro-sexual” man that he is.


With all the furor caused by CR7 good friend and Real Madrid player Pepe interview on the possible transfer of CR7 to Real Madrid this summer, picture of Mama Dolores holding a picture of CR7 in a Real Madrid jersey has surfaced on the net.


FIFA Footballer of the Year Cristiano Ronaldo has just bought himself a hotel overlooking the sea at Porto Santo, an island near his home in Madeira and estimated to be $11.6 million. Before we know it CR7 is going to own the world. Crazy, I know, but it was just a thought anyway. Slowly it’s going to be a reality as CR7; a moniker which, by the way, is already claimed and registered under the National Institute of Industrial Property in Lisbon; is going to “ronopolized” the real estate world with all his savvy real estate investments. To list a few of his properties, he already owns a £4m house in Cheshire, a villa and a flat near Lisbon, a house he bought  for Mama Dolores, two boutiques for his sister, and the recently $8.9 million sci-fi estate being built in Portugal which he termed his dream house. Wow, with all this things attached to his name, girls are going to be so crazy in pursuing him. He would be like a dazzling flame to all those girls with “dollar-signs in their eyes.” It’s a good thing Mama Dolores is going to be there overseeing her son’s “interests”.


Speaking of Mama Dolores, it seems it is her dream to see her son don the Real Madrid jersey if CR7 fellow Portugal International Pepe is to be believed.

“Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother has a dream: seeing her son play for Real Madrid. And everybody knows that mothers carry great weight,” Pepe told Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA) in an interview. Pepe is a good friend of CR7 and plays for Real Madrid.

But is CR7 going to be CR9 in the summer? A rumor has it that Cristiano Ronaldo had already reportedly registered ‘CR9’ as a trademark as he was promised the number 9 shirt by Real Madrid. Mama Dolores wants him to move to Spain and soon. And CR7, his mother, his family has made it clear that their collective dream is to see him play for Real Madrid. Let’s just wait and see.


a shirtless CR7 as i want to see him in an all white jersey…