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We thought we’ve heard all about Nereida Gallardo but this time she came back with a vengeance and spoke about her relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo in a recent interview.

Branding him a coward and a “Mama’s Boy”, Nereida was very much upset on the way CRon7 ended up things between them and thru text messaging, mind you. (gasp!), How very cowardly of him. She also insist that Mama Dolores is to blame too. She saw how CR7 is being manipulated by his mother and how very protective she is to him. Also, there were some problems with Cristiano’s family as they are jealous of their relationship. Nereida went on to say that Mama Dolores never called her to sort things out between them.

Cristiano and Ronaldo¬†met last January and Nereida gushed on to say that they have sex ¬†the first night they met in her city of Majorca. “”He is very good in bed. That’s why I was with him,” she said. She said that Cristiano is very generous and gifted her with designer handbags, Armani belt, and if rumor is to be believe a Mercedes.

She was also furious that Ronaldo believed that she slept with Real Madrid Defender Sergio Ramos, they were just friends. Nereida believed that Ronaldo was not faithful during their relationship while she was faithful all the time. She found text messages which she found incriminating. The relationship goes downhill when Ronaldo went to LA and his “sexploits” was bandied about in the tabloids and then the text message that she was being dumped.

At least Nereida confirmed that there was never any truth in the rumour that Ronaldo promised her marriage if Manchester United won the Champions League.

jealous of Nereida

Cristiano Ronaldo and His Family: jealous of Nereida