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Note: ¬†Photos are no longer available for viewing as I was asked to take it down… Sorry. Just ¬†comment if you really want to see it.

I wonder what’s the brouhaha all about? So photos have been leaked in the past, even an entire unedited movie and no harm was done, in fact said movie even made more money than they expected. I think Robert Pattinson harsh quote over the “leakers” of Breaking Dawn sex scenes photos was just that, harsh. He should know by now that said photos will make Twilighters around the world to anticipate more and be more excited about the movie. And it’s only photos right? And good ones ones too…

Fourteen more days and its Christmas once again… I know it’s better to give than to receive but its so much greater to get the gift you badly want. If only i have rich and generous friends who could give me my Ultimate Christmas Wish List…

A basketful of succulent and big strawberries… I love strawberries. A Lot.

Snoopy Dolls. I collect Snoopy items and a Snoopy dolls wearing a Balenciaga is wonderful and one of a kind.

Bookshelf, A big One. I need this for my other books.

Snoopy Journals. What can i say, i really love Snoopy!

A Robert Pattinson a.k.a Edward Doll.

A Banane Taipei Canvass Bag – It’s Like Having a Birkin Bag – Eco Style!

An Earrings Organizer. My earrings need a home.

I PAD – I really, really want this!

FLIP – It would be nice to have one.

Chanel Nail Color 509 – Paradoxal – Lovely color. For the witch in me…

some phots by CZV – Chuvaness

Something Funny!

Posted: November 25, 2010 in Entertainment, Humor
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Hey its nearly Thanksgiving Day! And one thing i’m thankful for is the ability to see all the funny things in life…

And this is the most hilarious!

The month of June is going to be Twilight Month what will all the exciting events happening that month. First on the list is the release of a novella, an Eclipse novella in particular because its supposed to be an outtake from the third Twilight saga novel, it is entitled “The Second Short Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella. To be honest i can’t remember anything about Bree because i’m so focused on the story of Bella, Edward and Jacob but i guess this Bree is important enough to Stephenie Meyer to warrant another novella for this character…

And the day before Twilight Saga: Eclipse hit the theaters, “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse The Illustrated Movie Companion” will be available to all Twifans out there, another collectible for us while we are all waiting for “The Twilight Saga” The Official Guide” to be released on December 30, 2010, finally after all that long wait… Please let it be true.

Of course come June 30, 2010, we Twilighters out there will be waiting in line to watch Eclipse…

And have you seen the engagement ring that Edward gave to Bella in the final trailer? OMG, i’m super jealous, it is so beautiful and romantic, and if you want a close-up of that ring… See for yourself. Edward is so sweet.

Our funny Sexiest Man in the World Robert Pattinson has found a new way to discredit the astounding popularity that has come his way by making a magazine cover of himself as a target in a Dart Board. Hilarious but true as told by the people who was asked by Rob to take a shot at himself on a Dart Board while taking a break from the Eclipse shoots in Canada. He is certainly a unique among his peers as he couldn’t care less about his fame which in turn make him more lovable in our eyes. I hope you never change Rob.

I am quite excited when i saw several photos from the third Twilight installment, Eclipse and wow, what a car. I love cars and the Volvo that Edward Cullen is driving is one of the best. Could a girl ask for more… Robert Pattinson, Volvo and Edward Cullen



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Twilight hottie Robert Pattinson will soon have his likeness in a Mattel doll. The Edward Cullen Ken doll will of course have a Bella Sawn Barbie doll with him and they will be available this October. The Edward doll will have its trademark “shimmering complexion and golden eyes. Ooh i can hardly wait to have my own Edward doll…