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I know its old news but have you heard that this MLS player has quit football to follow his calling to become a priest?  Chase Hilgenbrinck, defender for the New England Revolution, said in a press statement: “After years of discernment, I feel strongly that the Lord has called me to become a priest in the Catholic Church. Playing professional football/soccer has been my passion for a long time and I feel blessed to have successfully lived out this dream. My passion now is to do the will of God, which is wanting only what He wants for me. Though I will miss the game of soccer, I know that I am moving on to something much greater.”

Chase, 26 years old, has been the captain for the New England Revolution on  numerous occasions. He will attend St Mary’s Seminary in Emmitsburg, Maryland and train for six years before his ordination.

I hope that this is not a bug that can be caught. Just kidding. I cannot imagine Cristiano Ronaldo in a priestly frock. God forbid.

Father Hilgenbrinck

Father Hilgenbrinck