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Something Funny!

Posted: November 25, 2010 in Entertainment, Humor
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Hey its nearly Thanksgiving Day! And one thing i’m thankful for is the ability to see all the funny things in life…

And this is the most hilarious!


Today is “No CR7 News” Day. I’m going to let him be for a day since there is nothing salacious and controversial about him lately. We’ll just let it rest for now. I was surfing earlier for something funny to make my day and i discovered this wonderful site and it really made my day.

I’m sure most men would want to have their eyes check if the eye chart would look like this:


Squint all you want guys, i bet you’re never going to see the bottom and if you do, wow, you sure have bionic eyes.


Be very, very beware of this dog. It might get you in a position you don’t want to be caught in.


Yes, i know all along that Barbie sucks…


You want me to, what?!!!?


Yes, Virginia that’s the place to relieve yourself.