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No wonder CR7 loves her… it’s about to slip out!



This picture speaks for itself. Neither pregnant nor engaged!!!

Aww it seems there’s no stopping Cristiano Ronaldo in populating the world! Word has it that his fiancee of two weeks is carrying his baby and their about to wed this summer. This shocking news comes as photos of Irina showed a baby bump. And with a flashing diamond ring to complete the picture. Wonderful, manipulative young lady. She does know what it means to keep being around Cristiano’s life…

The culprit picture…



Now it can be told – Cristiano Ronaldo did not spent his son’s first Christmas with him instead he rent an island and decided to romp with lingerie model girlfriend in Maldives. Poor little rich boy Cristiano Ronaldo Jnr. CRJnr may not remember his first Christmas but the archives of titillating news will await him and may show him the following pictures… Never fear Baby CR7, i feel the countdown for The Break-Up has just began. I’m giving this pair until March 2011…

Real Madrid winger Cristiano Ronaldo was seen eating lunch at La Nonna de Luigi e Nella at Madrid with lingerie model girlfriend Irina Shayk. It seems the two are getting cosier and they might be celebrating the fact that Irina has been named the official ambassador for Italian lingerie giant Intimissimi or that she was named-checked in a Kanye West song Christian Dior Denim Flow which goes like this: “I wanna see Irina Shayk next to Doutzen.” Whatever!


People are getting bored nowadays that they assume other personality to make other people’s life hell. Just yesterday, some reliable website announced that Real Madrid winger Cristiano Ronaldo is getting married and the announcement came from lingerie model Irina Shayk Facebook account and they even have a date for the wedding – before Christmas. I doubt if Irina will last that long in CR9 life.

Naturally, Irina denied certain news over her “real Facebook account”. And as CR9 is holed up in his Villamoura property, hopefully taking care of his son, we’ll believe if the news is real if CR9 tweeted about it since he’s so web-savvy nowadays… For the meantime i suggest you bet amongst yourselves the exact date Irina will last as CR9 latest squeeze.


It must be nice to be single and a father. Cristiano Ronaldo proves that he is living the life while his barely a month old son is in Portugal under his grandma’s and Aunt’s care. I don’t want to be judgmental but isn’t he supposed to take care of his son while CR2 is in its early infancy? I mean, he doesn’t have a mother to take care of him because he was given away and now his father is cavorting with his lingerie model girlfriend whilst in New York. Poor Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., what a poor little rich boy he is becoming… I guess this is the life he’s supposed to start and grow accustomed to.


photos by splashnews