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I know its World Cup year and more than a month from now we will be enthralled anew as the finest football players in the world takes the center stage. And to celebrate the world wide event Vanity Fair and the famous photographer Annie Leibovitz took the pictures of the biggest football players in the world, no pun intended, in photos so alike and yet creepily not of her famous naked babies. This time, Leibovitz exposed the football players in their undies and wearing their flags proudly. And there’s no more two proud football players in the world than Real Madrid winger Cristiano Ronaldo and Chelsea striker Didier Drogba wearing the Portugal and Ivory Coast colors, respectively. They look so buffed and a bitchy friend of mine just quipped that it is honed by all the “diving” these two guys are wont to do… anyways i need to have a copy of this and perused Brazil’s Kaka in his Armani. Of course, team mate CR9 shares his multitudes of Armani undies to him but sadly he just gives a glimpse of the Armani…

Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo has rediscovered his inner football tiger instinct as he scored a couple of goals when Man United demolished West Brom adding three points to their standing in the Premier League and 3 points ahead of Liverpool. Although he was back in form, CR7 says that it still hard for him to be as good as last season.

The uber confident CR7 further says that he is worth as much as Kaka and maybe more as he likens himself to a luxury car, to quote:  “It’s like cars. Some cars are better than others, that’s why they’re more expensive. It’s the same with players. But this is only my opinion.”


Meanwhile CR7 can be seen in the new Nike advertisement, a hotspot technology advertisement that allows the viewers the option to instantly purchase the products they see being advertised on screen. In the ad, you can see CR7 running around the pitch  and stripping off after the match. Buyers can click on his shirt, shorts and undergarments to buy it instantly. You can see the yummy commercial here.

If only you could buy CR7 along with it, i’ll be the happiest gal in the world. He look so yummy in that advert. Yum, yum.

It seems it has been an unsettling week for our dear Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo as there is always something or someone who wants to play mind game with him.

Firstly, he was forced to deny again of his dream of becoming a Galacticos, no other than by himself. He has insisted over and over again that he was happy staying at Old Trafford. But Spain 20 minutos paper says that there was indeed a deal to bring CR7 to Real Madrid, the third agreement reached with his representative, Jorge Mendes, and was worth €80 million with resigned Real Madrid President Ramon Calderon. An agreement completed before the scandal over voting which saw Calderón’s demise. So maybe it is safe to say that the agreement is considered null now and that’s the reason why Sir Alex was making noise that they won’t sell CR7 even if the selling price is more than what is offered to Kaka by the funniest FC in the Premier League – Manchester City.

Secondly, his driving skill is being questioned as much as his diving skills. But CR7 insisted that he is a fairly good driver despite crashing his Ferrari. He said he has never had an accident in six years but he got unlucky and his Ferrari caught oil on the road and goodbye Ferrari.

Thirdly, his much awaited goal since November 15 happened – in a penalty. In the topsy-turvy contest against Derby County for the Carling Cup, Manchester United reached the final in a scrambled play that is so unlike the way the ManU played. But then if not for CR7 goal the game could lead to extra time and with Derby County?!!!?

What a week it was but there’s also some interesting side notes to all of this. It seems CR7 was caught with a new blonde on his arm and she doesn’t look like Alyona Haynes. The new girl? Well if seems CR7 treats all those willing girls salivating for him like underwear but then who are we to judge.




A day after he was crowned FIFA World Player of the Year in Zurich with the distinction of becoming the first Premier League player to do so, Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo, who sweeps soccer top individual honors for 2008, is at the crossroad of his life and I’m asking where is he going from here? I’m mad for Liverpool FC but CR7 is one of my favorite footie players and for me he is one of the many who epitomes sexy football to borrow the phrase of former Chelsea, Newcastle and Feyenoord manager Ruud Gullit when he was waxing lyrical about it. There is such joy in watching CR7 plays football and I’m worried that in the past few months CR7 has forgotten to play sexy football. I know CR7 missed the start of this season because of recuperation from an injury. And we saw how he has struggled to regain his form. He has eight league goals, and the last came in November. Should we be worried? In his case, I think not. The spark that used to be so much a part of him was just dimmed but not completely missing.  Whatever hold Sir Alex Ferguson had on him that is making him the way he is now, I believed Sir Alex has something to do with it. Some of us know what the Man U manager is capable of doing in psyching up his players and other people. CR7 should have the guts to follow his dream and to break off the hold Sir Fergie has on him.

On the other topic, the recently concluded FIFA Awarding in Zurich showcased the best in the football world. It should be noted that nearly half the list of best players coming from the Premier League and another third from La Liga. Also, FIFA has the distinction of herding in Ronaldo, Messi, Fernando Torres, Kaka and Xavi Hernandez in the middle of the season to sit in a room on the off-chance that they might win an award. Ronaldo received 136 first-place votes and 935 points in a worldwide poll of national team captains and coaches. He was followed by Barcelona and Argentina midfielder Lionel Messi (678) and Liverpool and Spain striker Fernando Torres (203), with the results announced by Brazilian great Pele.


AC Milan and Brazil midfielder Kaka, the 2007 winner, was fourth (183), followed by Barcelona and Spain midfielder Xavi Hernandez (155), Liverpool and England midfielder Stephen Gerrard (98) and Barcelona and Cameroon striker Samuel Eto’o (58),


CR7 was widely expected to win after bagging the Ballon D’Or as European player of the year and World Soccer magazine’s player of the year. Before the announcement, the orchestra at the Zurich Opera House gave a not-so-subtle hint by playing an aria from Handel’s “Rinaldo.”

Ronaldo is the second Portuguese to receive the award. Luis Figo won in 2001.


Below are the complete list the world’s best players in football world.


1 Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)

2 Lionel Messi (Barcelona)

3 Fernando Torres (Liverpool)

4 Kaka (AC Milan)

5 Xavi (Barcelona)

6 Steven Gerrard (Liverpool)

7 Samuel Eto’o (Barcelona)

8 Iker Casillas (Real Madrid)

9 Andres Iniesta (Barcelona)

10 David Villa (Valencia)

11 Andrei Arshavin (Zenit St Petersburg)

12 Frank Lampard (Chelsea)

13 Didier Drogba (Chelsea)

14 Michael Ballack (Chelsea)

15 Cesc Fabregas (Arsenal)

16 Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Inter Milan)

17 Emmanuel Adebayor (Arsenal)

18 Franck Ribery (Bayern Munich)

19 Ruud van Nistelrooy (Real Madrid)

20 Sergio Aguero (Atletico Madrid)

21 John Terry (Chelsea)

22 Gigi Buffon (Juventus)

23 Deco (Chelsea)



In a few hours, Portugal and Brazil friendly will take place in Bezerrao stadium in Brazil and will bring together two of the best players in the football world – Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka. Yeah, what a face off. CR7, who’s feeling a bit smug right now, not a bit really, but oozing with it says that ‘I am the first, second and third,’ when asked who are the three best players in the world. 


And he says that he is so ready to be harassed by Brasilian women, with all their attention and charm and he is so used to it.  He is looking forward to this friendly game and said that this is a great opportunity to relax – and whoring. No, i said the last part, don’t mind me.

Here’s a picture of Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating the birthday of his good friend and whoring-allay Nani: (courtesy of dailymail)