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From another angle:

Chelsea’s new man Fernando Torres sweet gesture to his former captain Steven Gerrard may not be enough to endear himself back to me, but it’s definitely a small step. Thank goodness I cannot hear the incessant chants on Sunday’s Chelsea-Liverpool game because when I’ve read what it’s all about, my sympathies are with Torres. But the fans are so witty because the chants were double-edged…

His wallet proves he is a Blue,
He scored some goals but
never was a Red, Torres
We bought the lad from
sunny Spain
He left to be a Roman’s slave
Fernando Trait….errrrr, sorry,
forgot his name

And here’s another one:

Carra’s gonna break your leg!
Torres, Torres
Stevie ’s gonna break your
neck! Torres, Torres
You dirty little fcukin rat,
You ’re dead to us you cheeky
Fernando Torres, John Terry
will shag your wife!

one more…

He said that he was a red
But now his wife is with JT in
He wont win a euro cup
his medal cabinet is full of
Fernando Torres is a dirty

Source of the Chants


I really, really love this picture. Fernando Torres in a new Liverpool Jersey. Yay! and i love his new car… an Aston Martin DBS.

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Although Fernando Torres was 70 percent fit to play against his former club Atletico Madrid, he was back on the sideline as he felt it was not right for him to play that day although he has been into training. Hopefully he will be set to play this coming Saturday. We badly need his goals and it isn’t really fair that Steven Gerrard is doing all the job for Liverpool.

Here’s Fernando Torres with girlfriend as he watched Steven Gerrard make the controversial penalty shot against Atletico Madrid.