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There’s not enough comfort words in the world right now to make me feel not so betrayed at the decision of Fernando Torres to move to Chelsea FC. That is why i let 24 hours passed before i make any comment  or else i will be like a lot of Liverpudlians, whom over the weekend, has been under so much anxiety when news of El Nino’s mega transfer was first bandied about, that every words you can likened to a traitor has been hurled at Traitorres Torres. Will he or will he not do it? On my part, i always believed that El Nino is loyal to the Kops but i have my doubts. In the end all my denials of his transfer has turned into acceptance and we cannot really blame him. Its a good thing i like him more a lot as Fernando Torres the person and not Fernando Torres, Liverpool’s #9. To be completely honest about it, Xabi Alonso’s transfer to Real Madrid hurt me more than the Torres transfer saga because until now i still cant fathom why Liverpool let go of him in the first place. Just to be clear about it, i hope i will not hear Torres saying that he always wanted to play for Chelsea, etc. Because it will be a big lie. I hope his decision will not backfire on him, the way i see it Chelsea will never be able to win the Premiership this year and i hope he won’t be injury-prone!


Fernando Torres is enjoying the last days of his summer holidays before training as he prepares for Premier League comeback, hopefully with Liverpool. He went to Formentera with wife Olalla and very cutie daughter Nora Torres…

Have you seen the new haircut of Liverpool and Spain’s striker Fernando Torres? For a while, i thought it was an old picture but no, the picture is very recent. He look so young and he looks as if he’s trying to copy CR9 hairdo. Well, it will take some getting used to because i prefer his dirty blond tousled look…

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Its World Cup qualifier weekend guys and I’m back… and I’m also back with one of my favorite topic – Fernando Torres. The Liverpool striker was spotted in Sardinia taking a break off before today’s Spain WC qualifier against Belgium. Fernando is with wife Olalla, who by the way looks super fit and great considering giving birth only a few months ago, and super duper cute baby Nora. Awww.




Mr and Mrs. Fernando Torres is a picture perfect of happiness as they were spotted strolling with their dog in Olalla’s hometown of Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Nando and Olalla will be expecting their bundle of joy in a couple of weeks. And we are definitely waiting for the Torres Tot too. Nando just got back from South Africa after Spain suffered a loss to US team. We all thought we’re going to have a preview of 2010 World Cup between Spain and Brazil. It was not just meant to be.

EXCLUSIVE: Fernando Torres & Pregnant Wife Vacation In Spain (US

EXCLUSIVE: Fernando Torres & Pregnant Wife Vacation In Spain (US

Team Spain were particularly a butt of jokes at the moment as some of the team brought home with them the dreaded Vuvuzuela… Yes, that noisy plastic trumpet very popular in South Africa which homebase fans used to annoy the opposition during a game. Nando brought home with him not one vuvuzuela, but two! Thank goodness Xabi Alonso refrain from buying this souvenir. But Riera cannot be swayed, he brought one too. Are they thinking of using them against Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal? Surely three vuvuzuela could bring enough damage for one season and finally we could have that cup we Liverpool fans have been waiting to have for a very long time.



And this is the dreaded vuvuzuela…


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Liverpool striker married his childhood sweetheart Olalla who is also seven months pregnant in a ceremony so secret that there’s only two guests to witness the wedding. Nando may have taken advantage of the fact that everyone would be so focus on the Champions League that he and Olalla went off and do the deed. The couple went to a small town of El Escorial north of Madrid last May 27 and got married there. The wedding may be small but it was romantic for the newlyweds who has been together for eight years. Aside form the wedding Nando has also signed a long-term contract at Liverpool thereby tying himself to the club til 2013. But don’t worry Torres’s fan, the couple may celebrate another big wedding after the birth of their child. Let’s give them this privacy.


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Football Writer’s Association has bestowed the honor of Footballer of the Year award to Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard. I may like Cristiano Ronaldo a lot but I’m a staunch Liverpool fan and I am proud of the honor given to Stevie G.

The FWA Footballer of the Year is an annual award given to the players who is adjudged to have been the best of the season in English football. The winner is selected by a vote amongst the 400 football journalist members based throughout England. And this year’s poll sees Steven Gerrard edging out the likes of Ryan Giggs and Wayne Rooney of Manchester United. He has been exceptional this year and Steven Bates, FWA Chairman was quoted saying that Gerrard  “performance this season has been of the highest quality. He is in his prime and quite rightly rated one of the finest midfield player of this generation.”

Gerrard, the first Liverpool player since John Barnes, who won in 1990 to receive such accolade will  receive his award at the FWA’s gala dinner at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London on May 29, a day before his birthday.