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Oh John Terry snubbed by ex BFF Wayne Bridge. It might be childish on Bridge’s part but i would do the same too had i been in Wayne’s cleat…

And Piers Morgan hit the nail on the head when he gave his own opinion in this tawdry Terrygate…
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Last Sunday Manchester derby was the best ever and although i am a loyal Liverpool babe, still Michael Owen has a soft spot in my heart and i will always like him, that’s why i’m so happy when Sir Alex got him and gave him the legendary No. 7 because he still believe in the Owen magic.The pix below sums up nicely what Carlos Tevez wanted all along, Michael Owen’s place…


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Yes, i know everyone knows it by now. Last sunday’s derby between Manchester United and Manchester City showcased how Cristiano Ronaldo sucks sulks. I wonder what’s the fuss all about, I mean CR7 could pout and he does it prettily too but the reaction of the audience, some of them, is open-mouthed shock. It was really entertaining. From the moment when CR7 was talking to Sir Alex Ferguson about being substituted, pleading his case to the moment he throws the tracksuit as well as that manly hissy fit on the way to the bench, whew, only CR7 could do that. But have you noticed something? It looks as if Sir Alex is afraid of “rocking the boat” and decided to ignore CR7 sulking? But whatever happened in the dressing room, we will only know about it when CR7 decides to write his autobio and that could be many years from now…    




Manchester United is set to offer Cristiano Ronaldo a staggering £10.4 million a year contract to tie him to ManU until 2014. Yup, back off  Real Madrid. That seems to be the message Sir Alex wants to convey to the public with this large offer to CR7. Although his current contract of £120,000 a week still has three years to run, ManU is willing to make CR7 more richer and more appealing to the ladies by giving him a new deal totalling to £200,000 a week and that would make him the highest paid player in the Premier League surpassing ManC Robinho £160,000/week deal. At least the ManU will be getting more from CR7 and he is worth the money.


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In a non-related matter, CR7 serial diving in the past seem to be haunting him nowadays especially in the last two fixtures featuring the Man United. The referees are taking a hard line approach with our dear winger and he has been cautioned for it. But he has denied any diving-doing and Sir Alex, ever to the rescue, has said and admitted that CR7 was indeed prone to diving in his younger years but not now. He has matured and indeed he was but i won’t say anything about his diving ways. My lips are sealed.

It seems it has been an unsettling week for our dear Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo as there is always something or someone who wants to play mind game with him.

Firstly, he was forced to deny again of his dream of becoming a Galacticos, no other than by himself. He has insisted over and over again that he was happy staying at Old Trafford. But Spain 20 minutos paper says that there was indeed a deal to bring CR7 to Real Madrid, the third agreement reached with his representative, Jorge Mendes, and was worth €80 million with resigned Real Madrid President Ramon Calderon. An agreement completed before the scandal over voting which saw Calderón’s demise. So maybe it is safe to say that the agreement is considered null now and that’s the reason why Sir Alex was making noise that they won’t sell CR7 even if the selling price is more than what is offered to Kaka by the funniest FC in the Premier League – Manchester City.

Secondly, his driving skill is being questioned as much as his diving skills. But CR7 insisted that he is a fairly good driver despite crashing his Ferrari. He said he has never had an accident in six years but he got unlucky and his Ferrari caught oil on the road and goodbye Ferrari.

Thirdly, his much awaited goal since November 15 happened – in a penalty. In the topsy-turvy contest against Derby County for the Carling Cup, Manchester United reached the final in a scrambled play that is so unlike the way the ManU played. But then if not for CR7 goal the game could lead to extra time and with Derby County?!!!?

What a week it was but there’s also some interesting side notes to all of this. It seems CR7 was caught with a new blonde on his arm and she doesn’t look like Alyona Haynes. The new girl? Well if seems CR7 treats all those willing girls salivating for him like underwear but then who are we to judge.




In what could have been a dare made by Red Devils Chairman David Gill to other football teams owner especially to the Man City owner, he says that if they could come up with 170 million euros, he would be willing to sell football ace Cristiano Ronaldo. But then according to him that will be unlikely since they would not be willing to do so. Is he right then? With the way things are going right now at the Premiership, anything unlikely is quite possible. The past five years has changed the atmosphere of the premiership eversince foreign takeovers started by Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich. Money has become of no object and it seems courtesy is no longer observe in the buying and selling of players making them more like a commodity in  the football supermarket.

In the dailymail interview with Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger such talks of bidding and buying certain players for just one team is counterproductive for football future.

Power-shifting has defined today’s Premiership and even the fans has been worrying over the recent turn of events. Man City fanatics may be overwhelmed with the way their fortune is turning. But what about the Toon and over there at Anfield and other teams who are debt ridden right now. Are they just waiting for those money loaded Arabs to turn things right for them?

Arsene Wenegr has the right to attack these foreign owners. As he said:

“Clubs should live within their natural resources. If you push that too far, there are no rules any more and there is too much destabilisation. You cannot come out ‘next week we pay £250,000-a-week to Ronaldo and £135m’, when the player has a six-year contract with Manchester United. It is not acceptable. Football is not a supermarket. The football bodies have to make sure that money is ruled properly and used well for the ethic of the game.”   

Too right Wenger. Me, if i have 170 million euros, i will not buy Cristiano Ronalso, i will bail out Liverpool and buy them for myself…

'I am not a commodity"

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