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Real Madrid winger Cristiano Ronaldo controversial ex-grilfriend Nereida Gallardo might have been right all along when she revealed last August 2010 in an interview that the mother of CR Jnr is a British student who contacted her via Facebook when the student learned she was pregnant by CR7 in a one-night stand and she wants to know how he can be reached. But everyone has taken for granted what she revealed.

Now in the latest development, CR7 is facing a showdown with the mystery mother as it has been rumored that CR Jnr mom wants access to her baby and that the “exclusive guardianship” she has given CR7 over an undisclosed amount of money, which other say is £10million, is a bitter decision she has now obviously regrets. Maybe she realized that she could earn more if the baby is with her. On her part, the mystery mother “feels like she has sold her soul. She has this millionaire lifestyle but can never tell her friends and family the truth about what has happened and that makes her feel incredibly lonely.”

Aaww, she should have realized that sooner…

Maybe seeing the six-month old CR Jnr triggered her motherly heart…


Nope, Real Madrid winger Cristiano Ronaldo did not saw a real ghost. But what he saw was scary enough that he has walked past through her seeing nothing. Yes, I’m talking about Nereida Gallardo. CR9, who was in Majorca in one of his short breaks, has found himself in one place with his ex-girlfriend. And luckily for him his security personnel was quick enough to avert an ugly confrontation because it was said that Nereida was hell-bent on approaching CR9 and she even insisted that she was his ex-girlfriend. I actually don’t want to write about this since this is too hysterical and embarrasing. I am so embarrassed for her. The nerve of this girl, seriously. After every maligned things she told about CR9 and making money out of her relationship with him, she has the gall to approach him because it so happened that she has a media entourage with her that night. Whew, thank goodness CR9 is gentleman enough to ignore her. CR9 should prepare himself to many a confrontations with this girl as he is now in  the same deadly circle as her with him playing for Real Madrid… and Nereida seems to want to capitalize in this situation. Ho hum, i wonder what other embarrassing things she nplans on making?



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I don’t know what’s wrong with this WAG world but everytime i saw a picture of Cristiano Ronaldo’s ex Nereida Gallardo she’s either topless or naked. And now she’s at it again. Posing naked for a new magazine Interviu she left everything hanging out while taking potshots at her ex boyfriend who will be soon in her area of responsibility as the winger is now a galacticos. And now rumours are circulating that Mama Dolores have been pushing Cristiano to get back with Nereida now that the Paris Hilton threat is on the horizon? Well, duh. I don’t really believe any of those things but if you look at it another way, Nereida seems to be the longest girlfriend that Cristiano had on display for the public, it’s just so bad that they have broken up. Well whatever happens the coming days will be very tittilating… And since i promise myself to refrain posting naked girls on this blog, only naked football players (lol) here are the sites where you can see Nereida Gallardo in all her naked glory…

Nereida Gallardo naked

Nereida Gallardo NAKED

Finally we have a name. Remember what i wrote about the new blonde in Cristiano Ronaldo’s life? She’s no other than Olivia Saunders, a Management and leisure student at Manchester University. The eighteen year old student seem to be an unlikely match for our deviating CR7 as for one, she is blonde and i believe that explains everything. If you could dissect CR7 lovelife you would notice that he has quite a passion for brunettes and last year alone he was linked to a bevy of brunette beauties the likes of which includes Nereida Gallardo, Luciana Abreu, Letizia Filippi and of course who could forget Alyona Haynes? With this long list of girls that comes and goes to the winger’s life it seems he’s on the lookout for something different.

The couple met at a Manchester nightclub (of course, where else could it be?) where Olivia work as a promotions girl. And CR7 has already wined and dined our uni girl which is really quite a blessing as The Daily Mail reported that Olivia is a typical struggling student.

Well’ we just look and see how long this relationship will last… Stay tuned.



It looks like millionaire John Haynes has changed his tune. After all the name-calling, i.e. slimy toe-rag; with an intelligence of a 7-year old, etc., Haynes is now blaming his wife in the brouhaha involving him, Alyona and Manchester United winger slash home-wrecker??? Cristiano Ronaldo. Even going as far as portraying her as the hunter, the deceiver and the two-timer.

Ally, as Alyona calls herself, has been the one vigorously pursuing CR7 and telling him that she and Haynes have split up long ago, much to Haynes surprise.  He said that he and Ally still “went together as man and wife”. And that  just two weeks ago she have given him a card for his birthday that says “I’m still your true friend and still your wife”. He even implied that this is just one of the numerous times that they have been intimate. And now he’s just realizing that all this time Ally has been dangling him in case it didn’t work out with CR7.

However, the cleaning firm boss is positive that the relationship between Ally and CR7 will not last. Further saying that CR7 can have any ladies he likes and that Mama Dolores won’t let her loving son stick with the likes of her. Wow i hope the pundit in Mr. Haynes will manifest soon. And to update you, so far this year… Mama Dolores 3 (Gallardo, Filippi, Sylvia) CR7 Ho’s – Nil.


Forgive Me Mama for liking skanky girls so much. I can’t help it…

In another CR7 Ho’s update, it seems that Letizia Filippi is still around and has agreed to stripped off to pose naked for a calendar. If you can still recall, Letizia and CR7 met while he’s on holiday with then ex-girlfriend Nereida Gallardo in Sardinia. Letizia, who denied that she was the cause of the CR7/Gallardo break up even went to LA to follow him after his ankle surgery. But  the affair seem to fizzle out when the Premier League started and/or this was the time that CR7 has met Alyona and has forgotten to text Letizia thus ending their affair. Filippi is said to be keen in rekindling her romance with our dear boy despite the fact that it has been all over the tabloids that CR7 is now dating a married woman. She believes that once CR7 sees his amorinho naked photos in a saucy calendar shoot he will finally realised what he is missing.


I am going to take off all this. See what you’re missing CR7…

nereida-gallardo-pics-03I think I’m going to have the last laugh… 

Another Cristiano Ronaldo wannabe WAG has surfaced. January 2009 FHM Bulgarian cover girl Sylvia, yes she goes by her first name only, has been the recipient of Manchester United winger “love texts”. Sylvia said that they have met in Sardinia while CR7 was on holiday with “the-girl-who-was-dumped-thru-a-text-message” Nereida Gallardo. Now it can be told, a lot of shenanigans has happened during that Sardinia trip. Remember Letizia Felippi?

During the interview with FHM Bulgaria and dailystar Sylvia said that she met CR7 when “he was sitting on the next table with some friends, he sent the waiter to me with a bottle of champagne and a note with his mobile number.” (Cool CR7 Moves No. 1) Since then they have been exchanging text messages. And now that CR7 affair with a married Olena (Alyona) Haynes has hit the tabloids, Sylvia claimed that she still receives texts while he dates Olena (Alyona). And although she believed that she and Ronaldo have a future together, she insists she’s not into threesomes and she hates man who cheated.

Olena (Alyona) Haynes updates: Words are going round that CR7 seems very keen on Olena although it’s still early to tell. He has wined and dined her in some expensive restaurants and has been texting her night and day. Ronaldo thinks Olena is very sexy and intelligent (huh?) and what more she loves animals. It is rumored that Olena’s love for pets is equal to that of her love for rich men. This is going to be one long CR7 saga. Stay tuned, folks.


Alyona Haynes

Wow, Nereida Gallardo was right all along. And she’s not just sour graping. It was confirmed that Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo, who by the way was just proclaimed the Best Player in the world by bagging the Ballon D’Or despite protest, will let his Mum Dolores choose his next girlfriend.  We all know the type of girls CR7 is attracted to and may be he finally realized that bedding all those bevy of skanky beauties will not do something for his image. So now he is on a quest for finding his perfect girl and he enlisted Mama Dolores for this ambiguos task. And mind, he will allow her to run the rule over any babes trying to snare him. But isn’t she doing that all along? Whatever happened to Letizia F.?  We haven’t heard anything from her lately. Well CR7 might be quaking in his golden boot right now because his mom has already a list of girls in call from her home in Sintra. Goodluck CR7, may you find the perfect girl and may your Mom succeed at that.

A Family Man

A Family Man