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Manchester United is set to offer Cristiano Ronaldo a staggering £10.4 million a year contract to tie him to ManU until 2014. Yup, back off  Real Madrid. That seems to be the message Sir Alex wants to convey to the public with this large offer to CR7. Although his current contract of £120,000 a week still has three years to run, ManU is willing to make CR7 more richer and more appealing to the ladies by giving him a new deal totalling to £200,000 a week and that would make him the highest paid player in the Premier League surpassing ManC Robinho £160,000/week deal. At least the ManU will be getting more from CR7 and he is worth the money.


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In a non-related matter, CR7 serial diving in the past seem to be haunting him nowadays especially in the last two fixtures featuring the Man United. The referees are taking a hard line approach with our dear winger and he has been cautioned for it. But he has denied any diving-doing and Sir Alex, ever to the rescue, has said and admitted that CR7 was indeed prone to diving in his younger years but not now. He has matured and indeed he was but i won’t say anything about his diving ways. My lips are sealed.


If all goes well today against Villareal, football ace Cristiano Ronaldo will play this Sunday for Manchester United against rival Chelsea, although he will be in the sub’s bench. C-Ron who received the Euro Golden Boot last Saturday in Madeira beating  Real Mallorca striker Daniel Guiza who only have 27 goals against his 31 goals last season was emotional because he received the award in the place where he grew up and he wants to show those who like him that he was still the same person he was before. Yeah right except he’s got more money now…

Ronaldo’s fast recovery from his ankle surgery will enable him to play against Chelsea although he was really scheduled to play for the September 27 Bolton game. He has stepped up in his training and it was said that his return will be used by Sir Alex as a major psychological weapon in his first clash with Scolari. But Sir Alex is the one psychologically bothered right now when the FA overturned John Terry’s red card thus, leaving him free to play agains Man United. He is accusing referee’s chief Hackett of being biased against United and said that Hackett wouldn’t do it for United if this happened to them. Maybe he is right because this was the third time that Chelsea got off after an appeal. 

As to Ronaldo’s warm welcome from the United supporters, Sir Alex assured that this will not be a problem and he knows that the supporters understand the situation. Well, we only hope that he is right. Remember the time when Ronaldo was booed off in the Premier League after the incident with Rooney in the World Cup?  I hope that’s a different situation.

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Cristiano Ronaldo has agreed with the words of FIFA President’s Blatter on the “modern slavery in the football world”, as if! With today’s luxurious lifestyle of footie players, Ronaldo’s comment of “I completely agree with the FIFA president,” spoke volumes of being an ingrate to his current ball club. I think that United would be better off without Ronaldo and with his 12 weeks missing the practice and the start of the Premier League because of his ankle surgery, Old Trafford will see how they fare without him, but being Manchester United I believe they will fare very well.


On the other news, United is on alert and monitoring the Michael Owen situation as news of wage cut in the Newcastle front especially on the part of Owen being asked to take a wage cut from £110,000-a-week deal  to around £80,000-a-week. Iif he turns down there’s a possibilty that United will be waiting on the wing to take on Michael Owen. But let’s see what happens. But i sure hope this is true.Newcastle United's Michael Owen (left) celebrates scoring the second goal of the game.

And I say good riddance to Cristiano Ronaldo. Vain. Preening, and whatever.


In an interview with Champions Magazine, Nando waxed poetic on his Liverpool Captain and added that he is one of his inspiration in becoming a global superstar and European Champion aside from Rafael Benitez who always demand constant improvement on his part. To quote:

“I want to progress in life, not relax, not be complacent, and you need someone close to you telling you to keep at it. It is impossible to do it otherwise.

“We don’t always fancy someone that close but, in the long term, I am sure that everybody will thank him for it.”

The Spaniard has also been impressed by his club captain Gerrard, and in particular by the Scouser’s ability to deal with the pressures that come with his high profile.

“He’s always under tremendous pressure to perform and everyone looks to him to
show leadership, to lift the team,” Torres said.

“He’s a great example, and those of us who have been in a similar situation know how difficult it is to handle.

“It’s incredible the way he carries himself regardless of what is going on around him. I’d love to be captain of another team one day and Steve has shown me how to be a great leader.”