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I’m back in the blogging world. After nearly two weeks in Colombo, Sri Lanka for official mission and seeing all those sexy India, Sri Lanka and South Africa’s Cricket players especially during breakfast buffet in a five star hotel makes my stay a luxurious and enjoyable one. Enough to make me watch Cricket and understand why the people there love the game. Well, i am sorry to say that not even The MS Dhoni could make me like it. I’m still obsessed with football and i miss my guys… So i’m drooling over these pictures again…

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People are getting bored nowadays that they assume other personality to make other people’s life hell. Just yesterday, some reliable website announced that Real Madrid winger Cristiano Ronaldo is getting married and the announcement came from lingerie model Irina Shayk Facebook account and they even have a date for the wedding – before Christmas. I doubt if Irina will last that long in CR9 life.

Naturally, Irina denied certain news over her “real Facebook account”. And as CR9 is holed up in his Villamoura property, hopefully taking care of his son, we’ll believe if the news is real if CR9 tweeted about it since he’s so web-savvy nowadays… For the meantime i suggest you bet amongst yourselves the exact date Irina will last as CR9 latest squeeze.


And yet another girl has claimed that she had sex with CR9 and emerges to brag about it.

Real Madrid winger Cristiano Ronaldo is making headlines anew as lurid details of his sex life with a 23-year old Naya was exposed. Naya, formerly known as Najlae, is known as a tattle tale and always sought the company of “famous” people. She is the former partner of Paquirrin, son of the famous Spanish bullfighter and having been inside the radar of CR9 she cannot wait but reveal all the juicy details of her one-night stand with the winger. Details such as CR9 carries condom stashed in his Dolce and Gabbana cowboy boots was made known by her. Now I will never look at his D&G boots the same again and not think that “that” is a “condom-cache”. He also has high regard for fat girls who in his estimation “suck very well”… Naya goes on to say that they had sex three times and out of 10, CR9 is a glaring 9.5 and if you want to know how big his size is, Naya told that in a world of pizza, CR9 is a family size one. Yummy. To have your thing compared to a pizza. So what’s next CR9 fuck buddy wannabes? Come out now we want more details…

Our favorite Real Madrid winger Cristiano Ronaldo is ever so adorable as he takes his Mother Dolores Aveiro and sister Katia to a dinner date at the popular restaurant Meson Txistu in Madrid last Sunday. Maybe its part celebration as Real Madrid is tied with Barcelona on top of La Liga at the moment and CR9 is promising that their winning momentum will continue and that they only need to beat Barca and win the rest of their game for the Los Merengues to bring the glory back at the Bernabeau. We’re counting on you CR9!

Real Madrid winger Cristiano Ronaldo was seen driving around in his Porsche, the newly modified Porsche in which he has shelled 30,000 pounds to make the Porsche Panamera Twin Turbo into a 205 mph racer. I wonder what he needs the speed for, isn’t that Porsche fast enough? Anyways, this modification would mean a quiter,understated and more powered sports car.

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s book “Dreams Accomplished” (Suenos Complidos), a biography on CR9 life written by Enrique Ortego, has been launched at the Bernabeau Stadium by CR9 himself. And i’m sure we wont find any tidbits about his “other life” with the girlfriends. Anyway, i hope this won’t be a bore read despite that. On the other hand, CR9 is waiting whether he will be this year’s World FIFA of the Year, a repeat of last year feat but he will be up against the Barcelona’s Triad of Xavi, Messi and Iniesta and his teammate Kaka. But we’re keeping our fingers crossed that CR9 will be a repeat winner.

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After three months of waiting for news between the real “relationship” or what’s-going-on-between the Real Madrid winger Cristiano Ronaldo and “virginity-for-auction” Rafaella Fico, the lovebirds were spotted together (finally!) in Madrid, Spain last October 16. CR9 was a bit ticked off as the papz finally caught on him and Rafaella. Rafaella, the latest in line of CR9 lovey doves is rumored to be introduced to Mama Dolores, and of course let’s not forget that CR9 sisters has met her already. Well, the countdown has already begun, so let’s see where this relationship is going…

EXCLUSIVE: Cristiano Ronaldo Out With His New Girlfriend (USA AN

EXCLUSIVE: Cristiano Ronaldo Out With His New Girlfriend (USA AN


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