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Last Friday, Cristiano Ronaldo has donned his Real Madrid training kit. And no doubt about it he looks good in white and this is the kit he’s been dreaming of wearing all his life and finally it’s real. Although there’s only a handful of galacticos stars present, CR9, in his red boots,  managed to enjoy his first pre-season training and the world now awaits his first game of the season against Shamrock Rovers on July 20 in Ireland. Will the £80 million cold cash that Real Madrid paid for him be really, really worth it? On the other hand, Sir Alex Ferguson has nothing but praises for CR9 and he has been thankful for the six years that Cristiano has contibuted to Manchester United success.He has nothing but good will to CR9 and his Real Madrid endeavour. Likewise, Cristiano is thankful to the man whom he regarded as his “father in football”. Well, all’s well that ends well. Let’s just see what will happen if Real Madrid faces Manchester United in the Cahampion’s League this year. That is a match worth watching for.




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Now that Real Madrid winger Cristiano Ronaldo is back in his hometown in Portugal after a series of bar-hopping in LA and Las Vegas and a two-day dalliance with Paris Hilton, CR9 or CRwhatever finally admitted that he has his heart set on a Real Madrid transfer as early as the Champions League final against Chelsea last year. So basically everything we have heard and read for a whole year has a lot of truth in it and it was just Cristiano who has made a liar out of every one… But let bygones be bygones, as he has put the blame on himself and he has only good words to say about Sir Alex Ferguson and his times on Manchester United. We really cannot begrudge him of his lifelong dreams and now that everything in his Real Madrid contract has been warpped up including his image rights that for a while has cost the contract delay we can now say that the name Cristiano Ronaldo will be synonymous with M O N E Y… and everything that it entails. So girls what are you waiting for, you should devise ways on how to capture the highest paid football player, ever.


It’s been a two-year saga, but we all know what will happen in the end. Former Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo, who is now officially? CR9 has finally made his dreams come true. He is now a certified Galactico. See, i told you, he is the worst liar in the world… Dead dreams my foot, tell it to your Mama Dolores who probably is in seventh heaven right now with this £80 million-news.  I wonder what kind of convincing CR9 has made to Sir Alex to finally accept the bid and up it to £80 million? Must be one hell of a conversation between them. Maybe Sir Alex is finally glad to see him go, what with all the tantrums and big ego’s attitude, i just want to know if there has been some boot-throwing somewhere in their past too? Anyways, what will happen to Manchester United now? I know some of you ManU fans will be glad to see CR9 go and you would insist that CR9 is not Man U or vice versa but with Tevez declining the offer made by Sir Alex and seeing that the team has a lot of grandaddy players, Wayne Rooney (I hate Wayne Rooney) must be carrying all the burden. Berbatov is practically non existent and Kiko Macheda should be trained ASAP to fill CR9 shoe and what a big shoe it is…

And where is CR9 amidst all this? Well, our dear party boy is scouring LA hot spots with his friends basking in the afterglow of being a £200,000 a week player. Party on…

SPL105263_004I’m Really happy, from the bottom of my heart.

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Last night Champions’ League finale at Roma was a memorable and historical night for Barcelona FC as they clinches a treble, the first in Spain side to win a European and domestic treble. Copa del Rey. Check. La Liga. Check. Champions League. Check… and Manager Pep Guardiola, who was described by the incomparable Terry Venables as as an exceptional bright lad, intelligent player and  a good manager, must be in seventh heaven right now. Pep has joined the elite group of having the honor of lifting the European Cup both as a coach as well as a player.

It was obvious that Manchester United was struggling and every move and changes of position that Sir Alex made, Barcelona was at par to make the necessary adjustment. And as for the two best player in the world who was in the field last night, it was a glaring fact that Lionel Messi has proven who was the best of the best. And Cristiano Ronaldo was a picture of Pique’d and frustration as if the events of last year never happened at all… Poor dear CR7, at least you have a new Brazilian girlfriend to concentrate in the next two months of rest.Manchester United V Barcelona

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Yes, i know everyone knows it by now. Last sunday’s derby between Manchester United and Manchester City showcased how Cristiano Ronaldo sucks sulks. I wonder what’s the fuss all about, I mean CR7 could pout and he does it prettily too but the reaction of the audience, some of them, is open-mouthed shock. It was really entertaining. From the moment when CR7 was talking to Sir Alex Ferguson about being substituted, pleading his case to the moment he throws the tracksuit as well as that manly hissy fit on the way to the bench, whew, only CR7 could do that. But have you noticed something? It looks as if Sir Alex is afraid of “rocking the boat” and decided to ignore CR7 sulking? But whatever happened in the dressing room, we will only know about it when CR7 decides to write his autobio and that could be many years from now…    




It was sort of anticlimactic as Manchester United winger and Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo scored a sensational goal against Porto in the CL quarter final earning them a semifinal clash against Sir Alex Ferguson fiercest rival and most hated person Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal. The goal was indeed a great strike whichever way you look at it. Even CR7, upon watching the replay was wowwed himself and he said that “it was his best goal scored” and i will add ever to that. If you look at the diagram below (courtesy of the goal was so far out and it looks like CR7 has hit it with 64 mph.


And of course if we mentioned CR7, Real Madrid is not far behind. Real Madrid former president Ramon Calderon has made a very intriguing remark regarding soon-to-be Cr9; “Anyone who becomes president (of Real Madrid) will have at his disposal one of the best players in the world who is already formally committed  to Real. I cannot give any names, but all I can say is that thanks to the difficult and laborious work I did last year, he is already formally a Madrid player.

Oooh, I wonder what Sir Alex will say about that?


Manchester United is set to offer Cristiano Ronaldo a staggering £10.4 million a year contract to tie him to ManU until 2014. Yup, back off  Real Madrid. That seems to be the message Sir Alex wants to convey to the public with this large offer to CR7. Although his current contract of £120,000 a week still has three years to run, ManU is willing to make CR7 more richer and more appealing to the ladies by giving him a new deal totalling to £200,000 a week and that would make him the highest paid player in the Premier League surpassing ManC Robinho £160,000/week deal. At least the ManU will be getting more from CR7 and he is worth the money.


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In a non-related matter, CR7 serial diving in the past seem to be haunting him nowadays especially in the last two fixtures featuring the Man United. The referees are taking a hard line approach with our dear winger and he has been cautioned for it. But he has denied any diving-doing and Sir Alex, ever to the rescue, has said and admitted that CR7 was indeed prone to diving in his younger years but not now. He has matured and indeed he was but i won’t say anything about his diving ways. My lips are sealed.