News has just reached me that Twilight Hottie Robert Pattinson was injured during the filming of Twilight sequel, New Moon. Mike Walker, a National Enquirer reporter, told that Rob was hit by by a flying piece of metal in the head.

“During filming of his upcoming flick, “The Twilight Saga:  New Moon” in Vancouver, Pattinson had just started shooting a scene when a rogue gust of violent wind tore a heavy metal sign from a post.  It shot across the location so fast no one even managed to shout a warning at Pattinson, who was just opening his mouth to emote when…WHAM!…the unguided missile smashed into the back of his head.”

Walker tells that Rob dropped and “then lay deadly still as cast and crew ran to help, sending out a radio call for an ambulance.  Finally, Pattinson – looking like he’d had the blood sucked from him – began moving feebly, disoriented, but able to speak.  The crew put ice packs on a knot sized lump, and by the time medics arrived, the star was coherent and insisting he was fine.  Taking no chances, the director canceled filming.  Pattinson was ordered back to his hotel, but returned the next day – sporting a lump.”

Thank goodness he’s alright, I just wish i was there to ice down the knot sized lump. And i can feel for the panic experienced by the people during the incident, let’s not forget what happened to Natasha Richardson who could have been saved had she received earlier treatment.

  1. '86 Rabbit says:

    I would have been glad to stay the night with him, you know, to wake up up and make sure he knew who and where he was, being concussed and all. 🙂

  2. macallister says:

    he will heal very quickly for sure not to worry guys,for he heals very fast as vampires!right?LOL

  3. oyen says:

    Hey, thanks for dropping by my site 🙂

    nice blog! I didn’t quite get the more recent post on a player. I’m no fan of Twilight but it seems terrible that an actor got injured like that during the shoot.

  4. love-2-be-loved says:

    poor robert the movie would not be the same without him :S

  5. Jennifer says:

    i no it would off ben bad if robert would be that hurt to do the movie

  6. Megan says:

    I still say he needs to go to the hospital. Take Natasha Richardson. She hit her head, insisted that she was fine, and then she went into a coma and passed away. It’s a mistake I would absolutely HATE to see repeated.

  7. Elayne says:

    Will everyone STOP with the refering to him as ‘Edward’ or a ‘vampire’. He’s a human being, NOT a fictional character.
    Additionally, this ‘Twilight” shit is going to kill him- either physically or emotionally. He’s gotten hit by a cab, bashed with a peice of metal, and harassed by insane fangirls- does the man really deserve any more? He’s said so himself; he doesn’t like Edward, he doesn’t like Twilight, and he doesn’t like it when annoying fangirls pester him because they think he’s ‘ZOMG EDWURD!@2!!’.
    The poor man should just quit already, it’s blatanly clear this act is hazardous to his health.
    Sorry for the pointless rant, it’s just I hate it when a man gets injured and all you can think about is your precious Edward.

  8. rene' says:

    he is so hot damn peice of metal (stupid wind)

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