CR9 Shop in Madrid?

Posted: March 26, 2009 in Entertainment, Soccer/Football, Sports

Everyone’s favorite wanker winker Cristiano Ronaldo has set his plans into motion. Nope, not world domination as he can hardly do that with most football fans hating him as much as the girls and the hos love him. I’m talking about the “will-be-talked-about-although-everyone-knows-it-already-and-most-expensive-transfer” to Real Madrid by our dear CR7 or should i say, for practice, CR9 . Right now the spanish media are all a-twitter when they heard that CR7 will open his next store in Madrid. Yes, that fabulous metrosexual store where CR7 wants everyone cloned like him. Is this ad indication of a summer transfer that his family so want? or he just want CR7 botique to be as visible as him? Official Rep for CR7 has quickly shot down what we’ve all been thinking all along as they said that CR7 stores will really be in places such as Milan, Paris, London, Berlin, Prague, Tokyo and Los Angeles. It just so happen that Madrid will be the third store to be opened. Darn. Quick think of Plan B already.

Yes, Plan B is the BPL Referees who will ultimately forced CR7 out of the Premier League. CR7 has grown tired of the little protection he got in the BPL as he is being”systematically fouled” by opponents. Added to the fact when he saw how the referees does it in La Liga where there is extra protection from the refs and less physical approach in the game. This could be a heaven-sent” exit that he so badly want from old Trafford.

But let’s not think a lot of that because¬† juicy tidbits about CR7 love saga has been reported by the tabloids. CR7 latest squeeze, Gabriela Entringer has just admitted (it’s an omen that no good will come out of the relationship) that she felt very passionate about CR7. Although the two are tight-lipped about their romance, Gabi’s father are said to be against the relationship because of the media attention she’s been getting. And this early Gabi has offer to pose for Brazil’s Playboy I hope Gabi will make her relationship with CR7 very profitable.

Gabriela Entringer

Gabriela Entringer



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